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G3 Guide Pants


When deep wading isnít required but staying warm and dry is, turn to no other product than the Simms G3 Guide Pant.

Waders are certainly the overall more versatile option when it comes to wading; however, wading pants effectively serve a niche in the fly fishing realm.

Why wading pants?

If most of your fishing is on small streams and rivers where the wading is rarely past your knees, wading pants are perfect for you. They are also fabulous for anglers fishing out of pontoons on lakes where you are elevated out of the water but may find your feet and lower legs in the water at times. They are also a product more geared toward mild-warm weather angling, as they do not provide the same warmth as a pair of full waders.

The Simms G3 Guide Pants are quite literally the Simms G3 waders but cut off at the waist. The waistband has an integrated belt loop and each pair of Guide Pants comes with a 2Ē stretch wading belt for your safety and a snug fit. One of the coolest features of these wading pants is that they come with a waterproof fly zipper so relieving yourself is simple.

These durable wading pants are built with 4-layer GORE-TEX pro shell material. Seams are strategically on the front and back of the leg because these are not high-ware areas. This greatly increases the life of your pants because there will be no friction-ware on the seams. Abrasion resistant gravel guards are built in and the neoprene stocking feet are anatomically engineered for a structured and comfortable fit.

Wading Pants have long been on the periphery of the fly fishing industry and we feel its because there has yet to truly be a great pair of them available. Simms built them from the same mold as their legendary waders and for that reason the Simms G3 Guide Pants are undoubtedly the best pair out there.

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