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Fish Skull Greg Senyo's Micro Shanks


Senyo’s Micro Shanks are sized right for tying Micro Intruders, relatively smallish wet and dry flies for steelhead and Atlantic salmon, and the smallest articulated Intruder style flies. No Sales Tax, prompt order fulfullment, and free or low cost shipping on most orders.

These scaled down Intruder Shanks are constructed with finer wire than the larger size Intruder Shanks, and the wire is pleasing to our tastes.

We have longed for finely crafted Intruder shanks that we could use when tying trout flies, small steelhead and Atlantic Salmon wet flies, and even skated Muddlers.

Thanks Greg: another home run in these Micro Shanks.

Micro Shank lengths: 17mm and 23mm.

Stainless steel; so we can use these for our estuary and ocean creations also.

Looped Up-turned eye: that will swim nicely in any current. If needed, we can tie on small barbell eyes on the underside of this shank.

The Fine wire diameter and 90-degree offset of the rear loop: makes it possible to direclty attach a small single, double, or treble hook to the Micro Shank.

Micro Shank Color: Traditional black.

Fish Skull Senyo’s Micro Shanks are packaged with 25 shanks per pack.

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