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Scott Meridian Saltwater Fly Rods


Scott MERIDIAN Saltwater Fly Rods – winner of Best Saltwater Rod and Best of Show at 2015 IFTD show.

The new meridian is a superior saltwater fly rod manufactured in the USA by people who live in the demands of the saltwater fly fishing world, and have been tested by anglers who pursue saltwater game fish from the flats to the deep blue depths.

Frankly, we have become jaded by the overuse of fancy techno terms that the fly fishing industry applies to new products, including claims about super fast rod actions and recovery speeds and resins and molecule alignment and so forth.

We fish and we fish hard, and we make demands of our tackle that only the best rods, reels, lines, and leaders can withstand. The Scott rods we fished last season were darn good, so when a manufacturer like Scott brings out a new model with a lot of complicated jargon to accompany the press release, to a certain extent, our eyes roll back in our heads and we just want to fish the stick and decide if it is a good rod or not.

Honestly, the prototype Meridian rods we have already fished are superior saltwater fly rods, and that is our take home without even understanding terms like ReAct, X-core, Fiberfuse resin, Arc technology, Multi Modulus, Mil-spec III, and so forth.

Here is what we can tell you from casting these rods and fighting several saltwater species from Chinook to albacore: they are light, they cast with an effortless stroke, we placed our flies just where they were supposed to go, and they had plenty of power to fight strong pulling fish. The components and reel seat and guides and cork are first cabin too, but in the end, the rod’s performance was the foundation for our approval of this new rod.

Official features of Scott Meridian Saltwater fly rods:

X-Core Technology enhances the feel of the rod with incredible stability and unequalled performance.

Mil-Spec III anodized reel seats and Ti titanium guides offer high levels of corrosion resistance.

Advanced Reinforced Carbon (ARC) reduces torque and increases strength.

Scott’s Meridian Saltwater fly rods offer a FAST Flex Profile with SUPERIOR recovery speed. All components of these rods deliver first cabin performance in the harshest saltwater environments with big strong fish pulling back at the end of the fly line. The rods are constructed with composite of materials that deliver durability, sensitivity power, lifting power when needed, and greater responsiveness than could be achieved with less complex material blends.

Why we fish Scott Meridian fly rods?

A combination of our personal good history with Scott Fly rods and several new features of this Meridian series make for a good bet that this new Scott saltwater rod will be a winner. We provide tackle to clients who fly fish off the coast of Northwest Australia, the Florida Keys, Belize, and Baja, and we are confident from what we have already experienced with Meridian rods that they will bring smiles all around.

Why purchase your next Scott rod from the Caddis Fly Angling Shop? You can go online and read reviews and probably get more techno details from the Scott website, sure, but when it comes down to push the button, consider this if you will. First We don’t just sell Scott, we fish Scott, we throw them in our trucks and boats all four seasons, freshwater, estuaries and saltwater, lakes too. Second we have been here in Eugene for 40 years and we are planning on being here for a long time to come. We stand behind every product and work hard to satisfy our customers, whether you purchase large or small. Finally, if you are wavering over a Scott versus a different fly rod, you can call or email our shop and get honest frank answers. We are not interested in making a sale, we are committed to serving the fly fishing community and helping people make informed appropriate choices so that they enjoy the sport for years to come.

Reviews on Prototype Scott Meridian 9 and 10 wt fly rods.

Ok, our staff experience with Meridian series fly rod to date is on the Oregon coast and in Cuba as of July 2015, but it is GREAT experience. In CUBA waters, the prototype meridian did a 2 week tour with owner Chris Daughters off the Northeast Coast of Cuba. The Meridian prototype was a tremendous performer in sustained 20+ MPH winds. This new Meridian fly rod caught Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit. It handled both floating Permit lines and Tarpon Outbound Short sink-tip lines marvelously. When it came down to landing tarpon on the boat or on the beach, the rod had the muscle to cope. When a short (40ft) cast was needed (with a guide screaming Permit in your ear) the rod loaded and recovered to make the presentation spot-on, time after time. In OREGON, we fished the 9 wt 4 pc Meridian for spring Chinook, Pacific black rockfish, lingcod and coho salmon offshore Pacific City, Oregon. This rod is shocking light for the power it delivers. The rod casts effortlessly and allows us to pull hard on tough fish. Our next report will be on the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog, so please wish us luck.

Length and configuration:Scott Meridian series saltwater fly rods are offered in configurations of 2 Piece, Three piece, and 4 Piece Rods, in lengths of 8 ft 4 in to 9 ft.

Selecting the proper Meridian fly rod: a few obvious points stand out. Like the fact that a 4 pc rod is easier to carry on a plane than a 2 pc rod. Like the fact that shorter rods are likely to have slightly greater lifting power than longer rods. Like the fact that a 9 ft seven wt rod is better suited to bonefish on the flats, and a 15 wt rod of 8 ft 4 in is probably either for giant tuna or billfish, while a 10 to 12 wt would be your best choice for tuna in the 10 to 50 pound range. Rather than bore you with more words than you need, please feel free to call or email the Caddis Fly for our spot on recommendations anytime.

Finally, consider this nugget, direct from the boss, Chris: reach for the 2 piece if you are a flats dude who loves the 8 ft 10 inch rod and always have your rod rigged anyway; forget the 3 piece unless you want a 15 wt because that is the only three piece they offer at this time; but really, at the end of the day, the 4 pc is the best all around choice, and the price and warranty are the same for all the configurations anyway.

Warranty on Scott fly rods: Scott Saltwater Series rods come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Scott has a dedicated repair department staffed with craftsmen who take great pride in restoring and rebuilding your fly rod to their original condition.

Scott Fishing Rods are Handcrafted in the USA – Built from start to finish in Montrose, Colorado.

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