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Scott Flex Freshwater Fly Rods


Scott Flex Series fly rods are incredibly light, forgiving, and generate immense line speeds and tight loops, which makes them both unbelievably enjoyable and rewarding to fish with.

Scott’s mantra behind the new Flex Series fly rod is: “Isn’t it time your rod did more for you?” The Scott Flex agrees, and it is designed to help you cast more accurately and better control your presentations.

The Flex Series is a great all-around fly rod. Fast in action, it will handle well in windy conditions, as well as throwing heavier flies or nymphs. However, Scott also made this rod incredibly light and sensitive, so it is a great dry fly rod as well. We love it because it can do it all: small dries, big dries with droppers, nymph rigs, and even streamers too. So, if you're looking for a freshwater fly rod that can do it all, look no further. From the 3 weights up to the 6 weights, you have a lineup of tremendous trout rods that can do it all in a host of different conditions. The 7 and 8 weights are great for steelhead and mega trout/streamer fishing. And for the price, you cannot beat it. It is constructed with materials and technologies that are characteristic of $800 fly rods. Furthermore, Scott has incorporated many of the innovations that you will find in their Radian and Meridian series fly rods in the Flex Series:


X-Core joins the highest level composite technology with innovative design. By using fast taper mandrels with lightweight, larger diameter yet thinner-walled blanks, you get a fly rod with stiffness and feel, stability and sensitivity. In other words, a larger diameter blank will inevitably be more stable, and when you couple it with a low-mass blank wall you also have more feel. See the picture above for a clearer demonstration of Scott’s X-Core Technology.

Advanced Reinforced Carbon (ARC).

Instead of adding a layer of carbon down the entirety of the blank, Scott’s latest ARC technology adds hoops of Carbon up the interior of the blank. This increases strength without sacrificing weight because instead of a continuous layer of carbon, it is broken up into individual hoops. This is also how they are able to build a blank with such a thin wall-because it is reinforced with carbon hoops.

Action and Recovery Time.

This would be classified as a fast action fly rod. Under normal conditions, the Scott Flex flexes in the top 25% of the rod.

Grip Configurations.

The Scott Flex has two grip configurations depending on which model you choose. See the pictures above of the two configurations, and next to the model you select in the ‘options’ drop-down menu the grip configurations are noted. Grip A is without the fighting butt and Grip B is with the fighting butt.


Scott fly rods are designed for high performance and are built to last a lifetime. However sometimes things don’t go as planned and if you ever do break a rod, don’t worry, Scott Flex Series rods come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Scott has a dedicated repair department made up of their best rod craftsmen who take great pride in restoring and rebuilding your fly rod to their original condition.

All Scott fly rods are handmade in the USA and are given a natural finish to decrease overall weight and show the true, natural beauty of the graphite blank.

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