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Special Dry 516 Fly Box


The Scientific Anglers Special Dry Fly Box can hold up to 516 dry flies of all different sizes.

This is a medium sized, fully-waterproof fly box.

516 flies is enough for an entire season, maybe even a few seasons. But at 6 inches X 4 inches, this is by no means a big fly box. Therefore, you have the ability to hold all the flies you need and more without taking up a massive amount of space in your pack or vest. The Scientific Anglers Special Dry 516 Fly Box has pre-slit foam so your flies can be stored in an organized and secure fashion. Furthermore, the slits are sized for different sizes of flies—on one side of the box, the slits are designed for flies #20-#14, and on the other side you have slots for flies #16 to #8. So you can store everything from your midges to your terrestrials all in one box and be prepared for any day on the water. This is a fully waterproof fly box, so your collection will stay dry and protected even if you drop it in the river.

This box has a single hand closing with a see through lid.

Dimensions: 6” x 4” x 1.5”

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