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Scientific Anglers Sonar Custom Sink Tip Fly Line


Scientific Anglers Sonar Custom Sink Tip; a 35 ft head sinking fly line designed to be custom cut and fished in moderate and cold waters, adaptable to a wide variety of fly rods.

SA Sonar Custom Sink Tip fly line Sales, Video and Guide Reviews.

This SA fly line offers the opportunity to create your own custom head gr weight by cutting it. The sinking line portion is approximately 462 gr in 35 ft or roughly 14 gr per foot. Depending on the rod you will fish, you may cut the head to fit the specivic rod.

In practice, this SA line is analogous to the RIO and AIRFLO Custom Cut T-14 series We find that the vast majority of modern fly rods will cast a huge grain window so it is not necessary to be very precise in fine tuning the gr weight of these lines when we fish them.

Summary of prominent Sonar Custom Sink Tip line features:

-Small diameter fly line casts easily in wind.

-Temperate and cold water fishing applications.

-Sink 7.75 inches per second.

Head length? 35 ft and 462 gr in the package

Line weights for this fly line: cut to fit your own rod and line wt preferences

Overall line length? 100 ft.

-Braided Multifilament Core.

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