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Mastery Tarpon Taper Line


Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon fly lines are a floating taper fishing Tarpon on the flats; targeting cruising or laid up fish.

SA Mastery Tarpon fly line Sales, Video and Guide Reviews.

This SA fly line a great choice for budget minded anglers who will be targeting the mighty Tarpon.

Summary of prominent Mastery Tarpon line features:

MASTERY TARPON lines are built on a compound taper designs to make help turn over large flies under a wide range of conditions where tarpon rest or cruise.

A modest length, moderately assertive taper is designed for tropical saltwater fishing conditions and penetrating wind to reach the prize.

Pale blue head and pale peach body

Head length? 36 ft

Overall line length? 100 ft.

Line weights in this fly line: 7 wt to 12 wt

MASTERY TARPON fly lines are clearly labeled with front and rear loops and Tropical Core Technology.

High Strength Core to handle big fish on heavy tippets.

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