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Fly Fishing Sale Pricing, Sales, Closeouts, and Clearance Gear

The Caddis fly Angling Shop is an independent, brick-and-mortar, home town Eugene Oregon store dedicated to fly fishing and fly tying.

The key concept is that The Caddis Fly is a specialty fly fishing and fly tying supplies business that caters to walk-in customers as well as an international family of fly fishing and fly tying customers who are seeking first cabin fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, leaders, flies, fly fishing waders, fly fishing boots, fly fishing gear and travel bags, polaroid sunglasses, fly fishing supplies, and oh yes by the way - great customer service.

In the course of conducting our business, or seasonally, we offer special pricing of great Fly Fishing items including Sales, Closeouts, and Clearance Gear that is out of season, discontinued items, and perhaps even shop display items, say, a fly rod with full warranty that has been handled enough in the shop to have a slightly discolored cork handle.

These are lively Sale Pricing, Sales, Closeouts, and Clearance of great fly fishing gear and tackle. Check out our selection of flies, waders, fly rods, fly lines, fly leaders, fly reels, wading boots, and who knows what; this is your chance to get some great deals while supporting a locally owned custom fly shop rather than an impersonal clearance warehouse where the people, nice as they are, don't really know the nature of the products they are selling.

Thanks. Enjoy the outstanding sale prices and just honest deals in this section on Fly Fishing Sale Pricing, Fly Fishing Sales, Fly Fishing Closeouts, and Product Clearance Gear, and remember that our day-to-day products, pricing, and service are, we think, unsurpassed.

And remember, please, that these Fly Fishing Sale Pricing, Sales, Closeouts, and Clearance Gear prices are subject to stock availability and, well, when the gear is gone, it is gone, so if you see something you like, act now. Please forgive us if we fail to remove a sale, clearance, or closeout item and are out of stock when you place an order. We will notify you promptly if this occurs and apologize for any inconvenience, but when the sale, clearance, and closeout tackle is gone, it is gone. We invite you to also give our regular priced merchandise a browse and see what tasty fly fishing gear you just gotta have today!

And just in case you don't see what you want in this sale section, check out the following just in case we forgot to move the sale or closeout item to this section. Hey, like it happens! And consider that our regular prices are very reasonable, no sales tax.