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Sage ONE Fly Rods

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Reviews on the New Sage ONE Fly Rod - Experience has proved that this new rod is indeed a worthy upgrade from the Z-Axis!

Sage ONE fly fishing rods have replaced the already excellent Z-Axis series. These fly rods are without a doubt good-lookin', fast-action, sweet-casting machines. Sage's ONE single hand, ONE switch rods, and ONE Spey rods are based on Konnetic Technology designed with a smaller diameter blank for a 25% weight reduction and less drag as the rods move through the air.

Sage promised us that that the ONE 's Konnetic technology would give fly fishers the bestest, fastest, most accurate casts they ever experienced. This was supposed to come from a forgiving rod that is capable of delivering tighter loops and long casts with less effort.

We can tell you,now, from experience, that Sage delivered on every aspect of the promise.

Reviews on ONE Fly Rods by Sage full inventory of ONE series rods in stock, FREE Shipping, and no Sales Tax.

The hype and promotional buzz regarding Sage ONE fly rods borders on exhausting, but we have fished these rods and can report that they deliver blistering good performance and are FUN to cast and fight fish on. Sage One fly rods won us over and routinely accompany us on river, creek, salt flats, and estuaries.

The ONE by Sage is the Pinnacle of Sage technology and on-water performance. After fishing and testing the performance of One single hand fly rods for half a year, our Caddis Fly Pros and clients give this exquisite fly rod the highest marks and reviews: Sage One fly rods are powerful, durable, light, beautifully finished, USA made from start to finish, and will significantly improve your casting accuracy (fly placement). Actual Reviews are further down the page...

Sage ONE rod wt options: Sage ONE fly rods got you covered from small streams with 3 wt rods clear up to the blue water rods at 12 wt. Choose your quarry from little to monster sized and you are well prepared to fish anywhere in the world.

Here are some feature and spec details regarding the ONE rods from Sage.

* Fly rod action: fast-action - not the kind that is reserved for experts only, but the fast that helps all levels of anglers

* Reel Seat: Bonze anodized aluminum plus walnut inserts on the lighter weight rods

* Rod Tube: This is a custom-crafted beauty featuring the Sage Logo and a custom cloth rod sleeve

* Rod Handle: High grade, custom shaped cork; Snub-nose, half-Wells grip on 3-6 weights; full-Wells grips with fighting butt on saltwater weights 6-10 - these handles are down-and-dirty performers

* Ferrules: Konnetic technology has allowed Sage to produce Low-Profile Ferrules with greater strength than any previously offered on any rods; slimmer and lighter is not inherently better, but in this case, it really is

* Rod Shaft color: Black Ice; wow, an eye-catcher black guide wraps and bronze trim wraps.

* Primary Thread Wrap Color: Black

* Trim Thread Wrap Color: Bronze

Reviews by Guides on the Sage ONE Fly Rod

March 2012 Cuba. Tarpon, bonefish, and Permit. The Sage ONE is a marvel in terms of its light weight, casting power, change of direction capability, and pulling power. Simply amazing.

Feb/March 2012 South Island New Zealand. Sage 9' 5wt One blows away the competition. New Zealand trout fishing can require longish casts that must be accurate. Often throwing leaders in the 18ft range to fish lying upstream 40-70 feet away. With several rods in the bag this year including the Sage Z-Axis and Loomis NRX mid way through the trip it became very obvious which rod to reach for. The Sage One really delivers the fly at distance without losing any momentum, turnover or line speed. When the cast get's sent in the intended direction, off we go! It may sound bizarre but the rod doesn't fail to turn over what you require of it. Hopper dropper rigs, streamers, large wind resistant dries you name it. This is the ultimate high performance 5wt. If you are looking to push the boundaries with your 5wt, that is fishing huge nymphs on the Deschutes(but still tiny dries in July), streamers in Montana, and two fly rigs anywhere the Sage 590-4 ONE is the stick!

Oct/Nov 2011. Abaco Island Bahamas Bonefishing Sage One get's a great review. The Sage One 9ft 6" 7wt was fantastic! Normally I prefer a shorter and "quicker rod" when Bonefishing as quick casts and change of direction is usually required. The 9'6" One did the job as well as any saltwater specific rod has ever done for me. I loaded it with an 8wt, Mastery Saltwater Textured Series Line. The rod loaded at all distances great and dealt with wind, larger lead eyed flies and some nice bonefish really well.

September 2011.The McKenzie and Willamette Rivers. I have been guiding with the 9ft 4wt Sage One now for about a month and the rod is nothing short of amazing. When you shake the rod in the shop it seems a bit stiff but in fact the rod loads at all distances. It's hard to explain how accurate this rod is. Fishing the banks from a drift boat with a Hopper Dropper Set in a fast flowing river is an excellent test and the 490-4 Sage One does it better than any rod I have ever used. The rod delivers the fly line and leader wicked straight. It sounds simple but it's really odd when a client doesn't quite load the rod yet directs it to the spot and the rod delivers it spot on. It's like the rod does not run out of gas. It has line speed unmatched.

Pair your Sage One fly rod with a fly reel by Hatch , Nautilus, Bauer, and a great fly line by Rio, Airflo, or Scientific Anglers.

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