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Sage X Switch Fly Rods


The Sage X Switch Rod is a fast-action rod featuring Sage’s new KonneticHD technology, which provides unmatched distance, accuracy, and effortless casting for single and double-handed fishing.

After 10 generations of fly rod technologies, it is no question that Sage is one of the finest fly rod manufacturers in the world due to their constant innovation and delivery of top quality product time and time again. The Sage X Switch Rods are no exception.

When we first fished the Sage X Switch, our first impression was how easy it was to achieve ridiculous loops and line speed at the same time with very little casting effort. The Sage X has about 20% better line speed than the previous Sage ONE. You can access more of the fly rod then ever before with Sage’s 10th generation technology, and it makes two-handed casting more efficient and enjoyable then ever before. Here is why:

What's new? KonneticHD Technology.

A QUICK RECAP: The Sage One debuted Sage’s Konnetic Technology. If you haven’t heard of this, or haven’t fished a Sage One, Konnetic Technology is Sage’s way of precisely positioning Carbon fibers in their fly rod blanks to create a slimmer profile and a more efficient energy transfer through the rod. In other words, when you cast a “non-konnetic” fly rod, the blank will not only move back and forth, but also side to side. This is due to the placement of the fibers within the blank; if the rod is moving side to side during a cast, and not just forward and backward, you are losing energy, therefore being less efficient, and your accuracy and distance suffer. Konnetic Technology lays carbon fibers alongside one another in a straight line down the fly rod, so side-to-side movements are significantly decreased.

So what is KonneticHD? It is Sage’s optimization of graphite-to-resin ratio, which has resulted in higher density (HD) fibers which means more lightweight, stronger blanks with unmatched energy transfer and line control. In other words, the Sectional Density is the highest ever with the latest graphite in the Sage X.

The X Factor-Switch Rods

The Sage X has greater blank recovery, which allows anglers utilize more of the fly rod by accessing lower sections of the switch rod. This means the power and control of the cast is closer to you with both overhead and roll casting, which creates immense loop and line control. Furthermore, KonneticHD enhances your casting accuracy by decreasing medial and lateral vibrations (i.e. side to side movements during the cast), which means you’ll hit the exact spot you need your fly to land much easier. Sage representative George Cook explains the Sage X as a "tightly wound spring." In other words, when she's ready to go, she goes.


The Sage X switch rods are fast action. Jerry Stein, designer of the Sage X claims that these rods have more feel than any fast action rod before it. We unanimously agree. They allow you to cast both heavy and light setups in windy conditions easily. The KonneticHD technology makes two-hand casting these rods unbelievable; by allowing the angler access to lower sections of the rod, you now have more power, efficiency, and feel throughout the casting stroke than ever before.

Sage X Switch Rod Line Chart: Reel and Tip Match

Rod Reel Match Sink Tip Match M.O.W. Match
6110-4 11’ 4pc 6wt Sage 4280
Sage 6280
Sage Domain 8
10’ Spey VersiLeaders, all types
15’ 109gr sink tips in type 3, 6 and type 8
T-8 in 10’ and 12.5’
OPST 132 grain 12ft (T-11) Riffle, Run and Bucket
7110-4 11’ 4pc 7wt Sage 6280
Tibor Signature Series 7/8
Sage 4280
Domain 8
15’ in 129 grain type 3, 6 and 8 densities
T-8 and T-11 in 10’ and 12.5’
10’ Spey VersiLeaders, all types
OPST 132 grain 12ft (T-11) Riffle, Run and Bucket
8110-4 11’ 4pc 8wt Sage 6280
Sage 4280
Domain 8
15’ 129 and 150 grain in type 3, 6 and 8
T-8/T- 11/T-14 in 10, 12.5’
Spey and Scandi Light VersiLeader 10’ all types
OPST 132 grain 12ft (T-11) Riffle, Run and Bucket

Sage X Switch Rod Line Chart: Line Recommendations

Rod General Spey Tight Quarters Spey Beach/Lake Focused Nymph Fishing
6110-4 11’ 4pc 6wt Skagit Max Short 450 Skagit Max Short 450 RIO Cold Water Outbound WF-7/I
RIO Coastal Quickshooter 7-I
RIO Switch Chucker #6
RIO Switch 6/7
7110-4 11’ 4pc 7wt Skagit Max Short 500
RIO Scandi 460
RIO Skagit Max Short 500 RIO Cold Water Outbound WF-8F/I
RIO Coastal Quickshooter 8-I
RIO Switch Chucker #7
RIO Switch Line 7/8
8110-4 11’ 4pc 8wt Skagit Max Short 550 (can combine with Medium M.O.W. Floating Tip for nymph fishing)
RIO Scandi 480
Skagit Max Short 550 Outbound Cold Water WF-9F/I
Coastal Quckshooter XP WF-9-I
RIO Switch Chucker #8
RIO Switch Line 8/9

The important stuff: What color is it?

Sage calls it Black Spruce, which is a dark green that comes out vibrantly in the sun. Also, all of the components of the rod are top-notch: ceramic Fuji stripping guides and Flor Grade Cork. The Switch Rods also have a hidden hook keeper.

Available options

The Sage X is available in switch rods from 6-8. See the ‘options’ drop-down menu above for all of the available models.


The Sage X is incredibly lightweight. The switch rods are between 5-5.5 ounces.

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