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Sage Salt Fly Rod


SAGE SALT single hand Fly Rods NEW for 2015 - Prompt Delivery, FREE shipping with NO SALES TAX from the Caddis Fly Shop

The SAGE SALT series is the new generation fly rod upgraded from the honored, tested, and proven Xi3, incorporating Konnetic Technology into a saltwater specialty fly rod that is perfect for the most advanced flats, estuary, and offshore fly fisher.

Reviews of the Sage SALT single hand Fly Rod – This is unquestionably a great revision of the Xi3: an Medium Fast, saltwater action Konnetic rod to match with performance of your Sage ONE rod.

These SALT fly rods feature the finest saltwater components, appropriate lifting power, and intuitive casting feel achievable so easily with SAGE’s Konnetic rod shafts. These rods are designed with firmer tip sections, a deep loading mid section, with the fish fighting power needed in the butt. Overall, these rods will allow you to lift and load your line quickly; delivering pinpoint accurate casts on short notice.

Sage has incorporated Konnetic Technology into the new single SALT fly rod: the same boost that elevated the ONE fly rods above the Z-Axis now moves the SALT ahead of the Xi3.

SALT Fly Rods by Sage: The Caddis Fly Shop carries a full inventory of SALT series rods in stock, with FREE Shipping, and no Sales Tax.

The SALT single hand fly rods by Sage represent the peak of Sage technology and real world fishing performance.

We recently asked our long time friend and Sage sales representative to give us his take on the Sage SALT fly Rod:

RE: New Sage SALT Series Fly Rod's...... Jerry Siem, Sage's Master Rod Designer has hit one over the "Green Monster In Left" with the New SALT Series. I got my paws on the 790-4 SALT for an early May Bonefish trip on Andros Island in the Bahamas and I came away from that excursion thinking this: " Wow, had great touch close when the Bone's are right on top of you but provided power when I needed to cut thru the wind or get one out there at max range. Kept reaching for this rod all week despite the other 4 rods in the boat!".

Sage SALT fly rod options:

*590-4 SALT: ready for the ultimate light rod experience for flats, estuaries and open ocean? Plenty of situations are just right for a five wt rod, depending on fish size and casting range requirements. Think it over, is there a place for an ultra fine five weight saltwater rod in your quiver?

*690-4 SALT: we fish 6 wts in the ocean here in Oregon for silvers and black rockfish, and bet you will love this light rod on the flats and anywhere you can let a fish run and gun.

*790-4 SALT: this is the ultimate flats bonefish rod. Hook a nice bone or permit and hang on for the ride. If you fish Oregon or BC, you could throw bucktails to silvers too, and east coast anglers might just love this rod for albies and blues.

*890-4 SALT: from big bonefish, permit, salmon, and modest stripers, blues and false albies, this is a great eight wt saltwater fly rod.

*990-4 SALT: one of the most versatile saltwater rods, this nine wt will fish stripers, permit, tarpon, salmon of all species, and more.

*1090-4 SALT: Chinook, chum, stripers, GTs, big blues, snook, and tarpon will succumb to the virtues of this rod.

*1190-4 SALT: Stripers, Chinook, lingcod, shark, and everything in the line class, plus modest size tarpon too. No fighting grip on this model.

*1191-4 SALT: More than a ten wt and less than a twelve, this rod fills the gap for anglers fishing tweener size fish in the ocean or estuary. If you are an 11 wt angler, this is your rod. SAGE puts a fighting grip on this model.

*1290-4 SALT: if you are a 12 wt guy or gal who can keep your hand away from the rod shaft, this is your rod for yellowtail, rainbow runner, pacific albacore, and big bottom fish too, plus tarpon and a half and any other saltwater species you can name in the magnum but not giant size classes.

*1291-4 SALT: the 12 wt with fighting grip, this is a great rod for pacific albacore and tuna in magnum sizes.

*1386-4 SALT: need more than a twelve but less than a sixteen wt fly rod? Sure you do. Mako Sharks, sailfish, big tuna, this is your stick at 8 ft 6 in; this fly rod is awesome and will put any fish to the test.

*1686-4 SALT: Billfish and beyond. This 8 ft 6 inch rod is the toughest you will ever feel need to reach for in the fly rod world.

Here are some feature and spec details regarding the SALT rods from Sage.

* Fly rod action: fast loading; medium fast saltwater action – quick responsiveness and accurate delivery

* Cork handle: highest quality shaped to perfection

* Hand crafted super full wells PLUS handle, you should see this to appreciate it

* Saltwater Reel Seat: Stealth Black; oversized, up locking, anodized aluminum

* Hook Keeper is hidden in the reel seat, not one of those silly things above the cork

* Guides: Hard chrome snake guides plus tip guide

* Rod Tube: This is a custom-designed and finely crafted eye catcher: electric blue aluminum is powder coated and emblazoned with the SAGE Medallion

* Rod Shaft color: Dark Sapphire Konnetic technology blank

* Primary Thread Wrap Color: Midnight Black

* Trim Thread Wrap Color: Silver

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