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Sage ONE Switch Fly Rod

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Sage ONE Switch fly rod - Free Shipping, No Sales Tax on one of Sage's most versatile and accurate fishing tools.

The ONE Switch rods offer peak performance, light weight, military grade toughness, spot-on casting, and eye popping cosmetics. The ONE rod shafts used in the single hand, Switch, and Spey rods are based on Konnetic Technology. ONE fly fishing rods are slimmer and more durable. Sage ONE Switch rods are fast action wonders that deliver high line speeds and the ability to feel short and long casts load on the D-loop – plus the ability to double-down for versatility when you are indicator fishing egg/nymph patterns with a Speydicator or beach/overhand casting with a Rio Outbound fly line.

Product Reviews and video on the Sage ONE Switch rods, fishing applications, and Rio fly line match recommendations.

Fishing applications for Sage ONE Switch rods. Well, truth is that our experience with ONE Switchers is focused in the Pacific Northwest. We offer the following Product reviews and recommendations as examples of how an angler could choose a ONE Switch rod and plant the ideas for each of you to think about how you would choose one of these ONE rods to suit your local conditions. We offer the finest fly reels to sling on your ONE Switch rod ranging from the economical Echo ION, to the finest fly reels by Bauer, Hatch Outdoors, and Hardy.

4116-4 Sage ONE Switch fly rod: This “little” Switch rod is the lightest ONE Series that we have in mind when we head to Montana, Puget Sound, Southern Oregon, the Sacramento, our estuaries, and the Deschutes during the Stonefly Hatch. This is a Switch rod to reach for when pursuing modest size trout, normally, but oh man, it makes a lake rod that will send you quivering to camp at day’s end recalling the fun you had fishing seven pound trout on intermediate fly lines. As the lightest in the ONE series, this 4 wt. Switch rod fishes indicators for the wading angler and is amazing for the boat angler fishing indicators with nymphs in riffles and boulder patches or dropping streamers along grassy banks. Don’t let the 4 wt rating make you shy, this rod has a lot of power for its line rating.

5116-4 Sage ONE Switch fly rod: Anyone interested in swinging wet flies and salmon-fry streamers for Sea Run Cutthroat? Poppers from beaches in Puget Sound? How about High stick nymphing or indicator fishing the Deschutes between Warm springs and Maupin? Rogue Canyon half pounders can be fished from boat or bank with this Switch rod, and the Rogue around Agness offers riffles by the mile that you may swing for hours on end with this One Switch rod.

6116-4 Sage ONE Switch fly rod: This Switch rod is our “always” choice for summer steelhead, although in the right water this switch rod can provide a barrel-of-monkeys fun fishing winter steelhead and silvers too. Just make sure you can be patient and let your ten pound screamer do what these fish will do – run around until you can snap a digital hero photo. This Switch rod is a John Day wonder, a Grand Ronde “gamer”, a Klamath “king”, and an upper Deschutes “desperado”. Ok, that sounds silly, but darn it, this 6-wt Switch rod blends light weight, toughness, line feel, and versatility to fish on the swing, the strip, the overhead cast, and the indicator.

7116-4 Sage ONE Switch fly rod: This Switch rod is our assertive choice for double duty fishing summer and winter steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. Gee, it it works here, why not the Great lakes? Why not South America? Why not throw a line from the beach for Schoolie Stripers off Cape Cod? Point is that this ONE series Switch rod is a great partner on the water chasing any fish in the 5-15 pound range.

8116-4 Sage ONE Switch fly rod: This is the Cannon of the ONE series Switch rods. String it with a Skagit Switch line and fish tree lined coastal rivers; spool on a Scandi Short with tips and fish anywhere on the Deschutes; and keep an Outbound at hand for estuary or Puget sound beach casting. Sacramento Shad – most likely a fine choice. This rod will handle the largest Bull Trout and Dollies, give you a workout with Chum, silvers, and modest size Kings, plus the winter steelhead of your dreams.

Stringing up a Sage ONE Switch rod with the correct fly line will be a done deal with the following Line selection chart provided by Hizonner, Mr. George Cook of Angler’s Rendezvous. George was kind enough to personally hand-scribe these notes one snowy morning in Eugene Oregon in March 2012. You might note a few unexpected line matches in this list. These are secrets known only to George. Really. Here ya go, and remember that excellent fly lines are also available from Airflo and Scientific Anglers.

Rio fly line matches for Sage ONE Spey fishing rods:


A variety of Airflo Spey and Switch fly lines will perform admirably well with all Sage ONE Switch rods, and you can use the guide above for Rio Lines and translate to an appropriate Airflo Spey or switch line.

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