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Sage ONE Spey Rods


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SAGE ONE Spey Rods are rock-solid, butt-to-tip feel, next-step-up fly fishing precision delights to cast and fish with. The Caddis Fly Shop offers all Sage gear including the including the new single hand Sage ONE rod, ONE switch rods, and ONE Spey rods based on Konnetic Technology. Enjoy the ONE Spey rod by Sage for sale with free shipping and NO SALES TAX.

Product and Guide Reviews plus video on the Sage ONE Spey rods, fishing applications, and Rio fly line match recommendations.

Sage ONE Spey rods deliver the highest levels of performance, lightweight, unprecedented fly rod toughness, drop-it-on-a-dime casting accuracy, and most pleasing rod cosmetics. The ONE rod blanks used in the single hand, Switch, and Spey rod series are created around on Konnetic Technology. ONE rods are slimmer at first glance and simultaneously more durable. The spey versions deliver fast action casting results without compromising rod-loading feel when executing short and long casts under the most demanding and technical Spey fishing environments.

Selecting the right Sage ONE Spey rod. Much of our experience with ONE Spey rods is focused in the Pacific Northwest. We will list a few Sage ONE Spey fishing rod product reviews and recommendations as food for thought regarding the very personal process of choosing to match your preferences, experience level, and angling scenery. These spey rods may be outfitted with any of the reels we carry, including ranging from the thrifty Echo ION, to the finest fly reels by Bauer, Hatch Outdoors, and Hardy.

Sage ONE 5126-4 Spey fly rod: This "little" Spey rod, at the light end of the ONE Spey rod series, fishes like a champion on Southern Oregon's Rogue, Montana's Missouri, the Skagit sea run cutthroat migration, Northern Californias Klamath, and our valley rivers like the North and South Santiam, John Day, Grand Ronde, and Middle Fork Willamette. This ONE series Spey rod is well suited to big trout (think Alaska or Kamchatka mouse hatch).

Sage ONE 6126-4 Spey fly rod: Anyone interested in swinging wet flies and salmon-fry streamers for Sea Run Cutthroat? Poppers from beaches in Puget Sound? How about High stick nymphing or indicator fishing the Deschutes between Warm springs and Maupin? Rogue Canyon half pounders can be fished from boat or bank with this Spey rod, and the Rogue around Agness offers riffles by the mile that you may swing for hours on end with this ONE Spey rod.

7126-4 Sage ONE Spey fly rod: The trend to shorter and shorter Spey rods is not simply one of temporary fad. Plenty of fishing scenarios put us waist deep with tall grass, trees, or rocky banks close at our backs. This is the place where this 12-and-a-half-foot, 7 wt Spey rod shines. Tips? Absolutely. Dry lines and flies? Yes again. Feel the load through the cast? You can guess the answer, but a clear affirmative, sir.

7136-4 Sage ONE Spey fly rod: This rod is our first choice for the angler who walks in the Shop and asks for a summer steelhead Spey rod. The combination of seven wt and 13' 6" seems to be close to magic in terms or casting ease, fishing versatility, and the "every angler's" comfort zone. From flat-out beginner to most advanced skill level, no one can go astray with this ONE series Spey rod. The 7136-4 has an uncanny ability to be light and strong; handle dry and wet lines/tips/flies; fish modest and large rivers; handle summer and winter steelhead, big Alaska 'bows, silvers, and Dollies; and is also a perfect match up with South America Browns and steelhead. Great Lakes Spey anglers love this rod and its companion, the foot-shorter 7126-4 for all the same reasons.

Sage ONE 8136-4 Spey fly rod: This is our first choice, if we had to make but one rod selection, for a ONE series winter steelhead everywhere, brown trout in South America, Alaska Chum, Kamchatka steelhead, or BC big-water summer steelhead Spey rod. This rod comes in handy; yes it does - on our home waters like the Deschutes when wind, big sink tips, large flies, and deep slots are the order of 2 PM fishing opportunities. Please pardon our apparent over-emphasis on Skaigit lines and sink tips. All of the ONE series Spey rods cast and fish Scandi lines with dry and damp flies in a manner that is practically effortless. George says that a 510 gr Scandi line on this rod is absolutely charming to fish and Unispey and PowerSpey fishers will find this rod a most enjoyable rod to fish with traditional casting and the joy of minimum or no stripping between casts.

Sage ONE 9140-4 Spey fly rod: This is one of the pair you should consider if you are heading north to BC or Alaska to fish King Salmon. Both this rod and the ONE series 10130-4 Spey rods have the MOJO to cast Skagit lines in the 625 gr to 675 gr category, and these lines will turn over the 15-17 foot lengths of T-14, T-17, and T-20 you will need to fish the Kanektok and Skeena. This 9140-4 is also a winner on the days when you need to dredge giant intruders through the bedrock slots on the Deschutes, scour the depths of the Clackamas, or make the long bomb on the Skagit. Norway and Russia destinations with magnificent rivers and fish are also a good home for this not-too-heavy and not-too-light Spey rod in the ONE series. In summary, this nine wt Sage ONE Spey rod is the perfect transition between the eight and ten wt Spey rods, and will perform like gangbusters.

Sage ONE 10130-4 Spey fly rod: Surprisingly, this slugger of a 10 wt Spey rod casts like a 9 wt, but delivers the power expected of a 10 wt to fish and fight big Kings and Atlantic salmon. We refer to this as the "light" 10 wt ONE series Spey rod, and our customers just sort of stare back with a quizzical look on their faces. Sounds weird but it's true. This 10 wt ONE series Spey rod is lighter than any of its predecessors, including the Z-Axis, but packs more power in a slimmer rod shaft. This 13' Spey rod will poke out the heaviest sink tips you want to fish, and packs the lifting strength to muscle big fish to the extent possible when they head for downstream rapids or log jams. Alaska, BC, Russia, and Norway are the perfect landing sites for this 13' ten wt ONE Spey rod.

Sage ONE 10150-4 Spey fly rod: This is the Godzilla of the ONE series Spey rods. Frankly, within our modest geographic range, this is nearly an intimidating Spey rod, but intellectually we know it is the right choice for anglers who will be fishing the largest rivers and largest salmon with the heaviest flies. Fifty Pound Atlantic Salmon and Monster King salmon, are on the menu for this ONE Spey rod. Loaded with a 750 gr Skagit line, this ONE-rod will chuck the largest T-15, T-17, and T-20 tips you have the urge to fish. Heavy copper Tube flies and giant Intruders are simple fare for this Spey rod. If you fish Norway, Russia, or Rivers like the Skeena or Thompson, this is a Spey rod worth your consideration. And by the way, fishing huge rivers with large or small dry and damp flies with the heaviest PowerSpey and UniSpey lines is an UNBELIEVABLE experience. Longer-than-long distance presentations will allow you to cover the water from the depths to the surface with this long-barrel cannon.

6 Piece Sage ONE Spey Rods: as if the 4-piece ONE Spey rods were not cool enough, here we go with a Spey rod even more travel friendly. If it was less than a great casting and fishing rod, Sage would not have crated this baby, so put any doubts aside and place your order when you want to make destination travel as simple as possible. Choose the 7 wt or the 9 wt and you are good to go anywhere in the world.

Fly line selection for all of the Sage ONE Spey rods

Fly line selection is relatively straight forward thanks to the Line Selection chart provided here by Mr. Majestic, our friend George Cook of Angler's Rendezvous. George was kind enough to personally scribble these notes one morning graced with snow/ice/hail in Eugene Oregon in March 2012. These line matches are Industry standards and mysteries known only to George. Well, George does know Sage, you gotta agree on that point.

Rio fly line matches for Sage ONE Spey fly rods:


Airflo Spey Lines also match well with all Sage Spey rods, and all of the approximate grain weights listed here for Rio Fly Lines translate very well to select an Airflo Spey fly line if you happen to be a "Product loyal" Spey angler. If you have any questions, please give us a call at the Caddis Fly Shop and we will be honored to assist.

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