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Sage Motive Fly Rod

The Sage reputation for saltwater excellence earned with the Xi3 was the basis for creating the MOTIVE series of specialty rods with actions right sized for the ocean, estuaries, and flats

Caddis Fly Reviews of SAGE fast action MOTIVE fly rods.

The MOTIVE has been a long time coming, and we are glad this SAGE saltwater rod series is here at last. At roughly half the price of an Xi3, the MOTIVE delivers an immense amount of fishing form, function, and pleasurable performance. This is a very, very good rod, at an amazing price; it will not disappoint when you fish the salt, so when the budget prohibits an Xi3 but you still want SAGE quality, reach for the MOTIVE.

Recap of Sage MOTIVE saltwater fly rod components and cosmetics.

*4 piece rods

*Rod action: Fast action, not quite as fast as the Xi3, but still a blazer!

*The taper of the MOTIVE fly rod shaft is a new design specifically for this rod

*Rod shaft color: Bluefin Blue (a tad lighter blue than the Xi3)

*Snake and tip guides: saltwater resistant, quality sturdy stripper, snakes, and tip top

*Base thread trim color: deep blue

*Tipping-thread trim color: Royal blue and black

*Cork handle details: the MOTIVE is equipped with a full-wells, high grade cork grip

*Rod Tube details: Ballistic nylon rod tube is Blue Steel color with a divided liner

*Reel seat details: black aluminum with recessed hook keeper

Suggestions for MOTIVE fly rod applications:

*690-4/790-4: 6-7wt 9ft fly rod. Bonefish, small snook and stripers.

*890-4: 8wt 9ft fly rod. Snook and stripers and blues and such. Fish Silvers in Alaska estuaries with this fly rod and have a ball. Permit, maybe. Big Bonefish for sure.

*990-4: 9wt 9ft fly rod. Baby Tarpon, if you dare. King and other salmon will entertain you on this MOTIVE.

*1090-4: 10wt 9ft fly rod. Tarpon and GT special. Big Kings too.

*1190-4: 11wt 9ft fly rod. DADDY tarpon. If the 11 wt is the choice, this is the right rod for the game.

* 1290-4: 12wt 9ft fly rod. Tuna. Albacore, you name it, this is a powerful rod.

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