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Sage Little Ones


NEW Sage LITTLE ONE fly rods: Free Shipping, NO Sales Tax.

NEW Sage LITTLE ONE fly rods are genuinely designed to meet the technical demands of the small water trout anglers. Fast action specialty small water trout fly rods that will delight the most discriminating anglers fishing waters that call for the zero wt to 4 wt line classes in waters worldwide.

Here us why you should purchase your next SAGE rod from the Caddis Fly Angling Shop.

Forget the NO SALES TAX AND FREE SHIPPING issues. Do your research anywhere you want, but keep this in mind please: we are a home town fly shop with tons of rods in the back room and on the floor in racks. We fish SAGE and a ton of other fly rods too. We appreciate each rod manufacturer but above all, we respect our customers, and we NEVER try to push anyone into a rod or brand just to make a sale. If you like this or any other fly rod, we will help you line and reel and fish the beast. And we will be here after the sale, in person, on the phone, and on email, to support your sale and any warranty issues after the sale too. That is why you should allow us to serve your fly fishing needs. We are FORTY years in business, we are planning on the next forty years right now.

Guide Reviews plus video on the 2016 LITTLE ONE fly rods.

Some waters just cry out for the line weights from zero to four! These include spring creeks, mountain or desert creeks, and even some stillwaters applications, right? The new for 2016 LITTLE ONE is a very fine option for these applications, but certainly there are others, so if you have questions, give us a call or email and we would be pleased to provide client support to help you make an informed rod choice. Just part of the customer support we provide.

Zero to 4 wt rods? These are not toys and their design was a delicate process far more involved than simply going easy on the materials and such forth. Honestly, none of us here in the shop are qualified rod designers, but we know enough to understand that fine tuning a series of fast action fly rods to deliver very light fly lines with precision was complicated, and SAGE engineers and testers comprise one of the best fly rod design teams in the industry these days.

Best application of SAGE Little One fly rods? Take these to the mountains, to the deserts, to big spring creeks where you will need to make precise casts to a two inch wide feeding lane, and even to still waters where you will make short to modest casts with delicate leaders and small flies. You will have a blast with these great light fast action fly rods.

Fish dries, soft hackles, small streamers, hoppers and traditional quill wing wet flies in all waters with these light trout rods. all of these presentations and more we failed to note are on the list for these LITTLE ONE rods.

Best line matches? The SAGE ONE TROUT SPEY fishes very well with a RIO, Trout LT specialty line. These fly lines are available in 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 wt classes to match your Little One fly rod.

Konnetic Technology, naturally.

MODERATE action.

Blank is Jade color.

Thread wraps are yellow green with black trim.

Fuji ceramic strippers.

Chromed hard snakes and tip.

Reel seat is Zebra wood insert up-lock style.

Cork mini snub nose, half wells handle is SUPER PLUS.

Rod bag is black with Jade colored logo.

Aluminum SAGE rod tube is black powder coated with official SAGE medallion.

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