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Sage Aluminum Multi-Rod Tubes for Fly Rods


Military Grade Sage Aluminum Multi-Rod Tubes - Prompt Delivery FREE shipping with NO SALES TAX from the Caddis Fly Shop

These super-tough Multi-Rod TUBES are Sage's promise for no-breakage when carrying your fly rods.

Caddis Fly Reviews of Sages Aluminum Multi-Rod Tubes.

These Aluminum fly rod tubes are strong and light, will accommodate from two to several fly rods, plus they look sharp and reflect Sages innovative spirit and engineering genius.

Fly Rod Protection is as important to Sage as creating world-class fly rods. What is the point of purchasing several great fly rods only to see them crushed in the airport, in your truck, or on the bus ride to the lodge?

Sage Aluminum Multi-Rod Tubes - these babies are new for 2013 and worth the wait. They will not roll around and they are tough but light so as not to burden our sprint through the International Air Terminal to catch that flight after the security check station. If you get held up in Customs, it is because the officer is fly angler and wants a Sage Multi-Rod Tube for him- or herself.

Here is a list of Sage Aluminum Multi-ROD TUBE rod components and finish.

*New design set for introduction in 2013 is an industry innovator

*Proprietary Aluminum construction

*Shape: not round, not triangular combines concave and convex angles for strength

*Lengths offered: 33 inches, 44 inches, and 55 inches

*Diameters offered: 2.5 inch and 4.0 inch inside diameter

*Capacities: the 2.5' should carry two fly rods, nestled with cork handles on opposite ends of the tube the 4.0 inch tube will usually carry 4 fly rods with some nesting as previously noted. You might not be able to carry 4 rods if they are 16 wt. rods with rubber grips on the butt section, though, so use some common sense planning your trip, OK?

*End-Caps are rubber-coated

*Tenon style end-cap locks with a quarter-turn to seal out moisture and other rod blemishing nasties

*Identification Ease: One end cap is perfect for your name and contact info.

*Color: Aluminum with Black end-caps