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Sage Accel Spey and Switch Rods


SAGE ACCEL Switch and Two-Hand Fly Rods NEW for 2015; outstanding blend of value and performance - Prompt Delivery, FREE shipping with NO SALES TAX from the Caddis Fly Shop

George Cook describes the SAGE ACCEL Switch and Two-Hand fly rods as soulfully smooth, moderate action fly rods; and we agree completely.

Reviews of the Sage ACCEL Switch and Two-Hand Fly Rods These new for 2015 all waters fly rods are priced right and value loaded.

The new ACCEL Switch and Two-Hand rods are available in designs from 6 weight to 8 weights, and one of these Switch and Two-Hand rods will be perfectly suited to your fly fishing situations.

Sage has incorporated Konnetic Technology and new resins developed with the SAGE ONE rods into the new Switch and Two-Hand ACCEL fly rod: Overall? The entire SAGE fly rod team up moves a step up in terms of improved performance, less rod wiggle during the cast, intuitive loading, and accurate casting potential.

ACCEL Fly Rods by Sage: The Caddis Fly Shop carries a full inventory of ACCEL series rods in stock, with FREE Shipping, and no Sales Tax.

The ACCEL single hand fly rods by Sage represent the peak of Sage technology and real world fishing performance. These rods load deeply into the shaft, allowing you to feel the power intuitively; and the ACCEL Switch and Two-Hand recover fast, ensuring nearly effortless casting as you make your way though each piece of water throughout the day.

More on the ACCEL Two Handers from our friend and sales representative George Cook:

RE: ACCEL Two Handed Series : "Managed to get 3 of the 4 models in my hands for the Kenai (AK) opener in June. Had the 7126-4/7136-4/8136-4 in the boat. Can tell you after 27 years at Sage that we have the full realm of Spey Rods available. In this, I would take a 7126-4 METHOD lined up with a Skagit Max 525 and put it to use a my LAZER Stick in runs that thou who cast the furthest WINS and Bow Bow was dealt with! In other runs where a more set distance made for comfortable cast at mid to long range I rolled with the NEW 7126-4 ACCEL(Lined up with a Skagit Max 500) which to be sure, is SOULFULLY SMOOTH. The ACCEL now gives the Spey enthusiast a Moderate Action Choice from Sage, simply lovely fishing tools".

Switch and Two-Hand Sage ACCEL fly rod options:

*6114-4 ACCEL: This six-weight switch rod deserves a home on any waters where big trout or similar size fish are on the menu. And while these rods are often thought of as river rods, we fish switch rods in lakes and estuaries about as often as we do in flowing waters.

*7114-4 ACCEL: We will reach for this switch rod when we want a mid range summer steelhead rod, and in Alaska, this makes a great mousing rod in small streams where we plop our fuzzy offerings tight against the banks.

*8114-4 ACCEL: This 8 weight Switch rod will wrestle big steelhead and modest size salmon, and it fishes tight to the trees and rocky banks too.

*6126-4 ACCEL: On the light side of the ACCEL Spey rod bench, this rod handles summer steelhead in small waters like the John Day, and it will fish big lake and ocean run trout too.

*7126-4 ACCEL: When you want a shorter Spey rod to fish a seven weight line in tight quarters, as we often do on the Deschutes, this ACCEL is an excellent choice.

*7136-4 ACCEL: The seven weight Spey rod at 13 foott 6 inches, is understood around the world as the norm for judging all other Spey rods. Steelhead and salmon, big shouldered lake run and sea run trout; these species and more are on the list of game fish square in the sights of this Spey rod.

*8136-4 ACCEL: The best darn 8 wt Spey rod for steelhead and modest size salmon, large sea trout, and more. Powerful rod.

Here are some feature and specification details regarding the Switch and Two-Hand ACCEL rods from Sage.

* Fly rod action: medium intuitive action delivers an authoritative cast at all distances with little effort

* ACCEL Switch and Two-Hand rods feature the perfect blend of Generation materials and Konnetic 5 technology

* Stripper Guides: Fuji ceramic

* Reel Seat: stealth black aluminum anodized up locking

* Guides: Hard chrome snake guides plus tip guide

* Rod Tube: Leaf green nylon ballistic cloth rod tube that features a divided liner

* ACCEL Rod Handle: cork fore and rear grips

* Rod Shaft color: Emerald green blank incorporates the knowledge of Konnetic technology

* Primary Thread Wrap Color: Olive Green

* Trim Thread Wrap Color: Garnet and Black

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