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Sage 4600 Series Fly Reels


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The SAGE 4600 fly reel series is Sage's High Tech challenge to each and every high quality salt and heavy freshwater fly reel manufacturer. Unquestionably, these fly reels are Sage’s finest offering in the highly engineered world of lifetime quality fly reels.

Caddis Fly Reviews of Sage's 4600 Series Fly reels.

Sage's exciting innovation in SCS (Sealed Carbon System) drag in a two stage, predictably adjustable configuration will make em sweat. Frames are firm, strong, and appropriately balanced to fly rods in the 8-plus categories. The 8012 fly reel, our Pro Series big boy at 5" would match with any of the long Spey rods we load with Skagit Head lines, and the drag is still suitable for the tippets we fish for steelhead.

SAGE 4600 fly reels deliver the highest level of performance for veteran fly anglers in salt and freshwater environs with large-arbor, fast retrieve, flawless and nimble drag mechanisms. What else could we wish for?

Specs for 4640 PRO reels - 4.5 oz. lines 4-5 75 yds #20 backing dimensions = 3.75" x 1 & 3/8"

Specs for 4650 PRO reels - 4.75 oz. lines 5-6 100 yds #30 backing dimensions = 3 15/16" x 1 & 3/8"

Specs for 4660 PRO reels - 5 oz. lines 6-7 100 yds #20 backing dimensions = 4 1/16" x 1 & 3/8"

Specs for 4680 PRO reels - 5.5 oz. lines 8-9 200 yds #20 backing dimensions = 4 15/16" x 1 & 3/8"

Summation of Sage 4600 Series fly reel components and cosmetics.

*Arbor design: this is truly a large arbor reel that creates rapid line pick-up

*Micro-Cassette Drag Mechanism: high tech 3:1 ratio produces an offset, lighter, dependable drag that is also an eye-catcher

*Primary SCS Drag: Numeric adjustments numbered from 1-20

*Spool change-outs: Quick and simple

*Palming Rim: outstanding and intuitive

*Reel wind Direction: easily reversible - right or left

*Novel Grooved Frame for safely securing loose line when not fishing

*Reel colors: 2013 offerings introduce Stealth and Storm

*Reel Case: Ballistic neoprene sized to each reel

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