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Sage 3200 Series Fly Reel


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The SAGE 3200 fly reel series bridges the gap between the 2200 and 4200 Series reels, delivering features usually found only on more expensive reels.

Caddis Fly Guide Reviews of Sage's 3200 Series Fly reels.

This 3200 Series is a little smaller than the 4200 making it just right for lines in the 3-8 class range; this series delivers a great drag system at a very economical price.

SAGE 3200 Series fly reels offer an authentic large arbor and a very dependable drag system for great performance at very modest price.

Specs for 3230 reels - 4.6 oz. Lines 3-4, 100 yds #20 backing. Dimensions = 3.0 inch spool diameter x 1.3 inch spool width.

Specs for 3250 reels - 5.00 oz. Lines 5-6, 100 yds #20 backing. Dimensions = 3.4 inch spool diameter x 1.3 inch spool width.

Specs for 3280 reels - 6.40 oz. Lines 7-8, 200 yds #20 backing. Dimensions = 3.7 inch spool diameter x 1.4 inch spool width.

Specs for 3210 reels - 7.80oz. Lines 9-10, 200 yds #30 backing. Dimensions = 4.10 inch spool diameter x 1.5 inch spool width.

Summation of Sage 3200 Series fly reel components and cosmetics.

*Arbor design: genuinely, this is a large arbor design

*Large drag adjustment knob is easy to get hold of when you need to

*Sealed Carbon System Drag: Numeric adjustments numbered from 1-10

*Spool change-outs: Quick, straightforward and clean

*Fully Machined: great and dependable performance tolerances

*Reel wind Direction: easily reversible - right or left

*Concave spool hub design makes more sense than traditional flat-round spool cassettes.

*Reel colors: 2014 offerings introduce black/platinum and platinum

*Reel Case: Neoprene sized to each reel

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