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Sage Bass II, Pike & Musky Fly Rods

These new-generation Warmwater specialty fly rods from Sage are a genuine asset to anglers mucking about in the often murky waters inhabited by a wide range of species from little panfish-sized beauties to monster Peacock Bass, Pike, and Musky.

Pair your new Sage Bass II, Pike and Musky rods with a Bauer Rogue fly reel or a Hatch Finatic 5 Plus or 7 Plus Fly Reel, and you are ready to chuck your flies into the brush and mangrove roots where your quarry is waiting.

Guide Reviews of Sage Bass II, Pike and Musky Fly Rods

New Generation fly rod performance for spot-on casts to tight quarters and hard pulling beasties. Sage just upped our game in the warm-water fly fishing world.

Rod Options. all Bass II fly rods are 7' 11" long; Pike and Musky rods are 9 ft.

Bass II Bluegill fishes a 230 gr. line.

Bass II Smallmouth fishes a 290 gr. Line.

Bass II Largemouth fishes a 330 gr. line.

Bass II Peacock fishes a 390 gr. line.

Pike rods fish any 10 wt line, especially the Rio new 10 wt Pike/Musky Line.

Musky rods fish any 11 wt line, especially the new Rio 11 wt Pike/Musky Line.

The action of the 7ft 11 in Sage Bass II is a clear evolutionary improvement from Sage's original Bass rod, and all of us who came to love their first Warmwater specialty rod are excited by the performance features of this new-gen fly rod.

The longer Pike/Musky fly rods are powerful fast-action rods that will fill niches in the predaceous worlds from America through Europe and beyond.

Bass II delivers no-nonsense, on-the-nose casts. The Bass II is a fast action fly rod. The rod is designed to poke your fly into the nooks and hidey holes among weeds, trees, logs, and roots where Musky, Pike, Bucketmouth, Smallies, panfish, or Peacock bass are waiting to pounce. Pull your line off the water, aim your cast, and let fly (pardon the pun). No false casting required with this short powerhouse of a fly rod.

Free Sage Rod/Reel case plus Fly Line with each rod.

Each Bass II fly rods is provided with a specially designed fly line, matched in both weight and taper to fit the Respective specialty rod with its perfect specialty fly line. These are premium fly lines manufactured to Sage's exacting quality control specifications, and these babies will allow you to put your fly just where you want it. These are also warm-weather tolerant fly lines; in accord with the conditions most likely to be encountered by warmwater fly anglers.

Already have a nice fly rod that you dedicate to warmwater fly angling? The Sage Bass II is still worth a serious shake and your consideration. Your existing rod is probably a good friend that gets the job done, but we bet that you will come to appreciate the company of this re-engineered BASS II rod, no kidding.

Best Lines for the Bass II. In case you didn't notice, these new rods are sold with a Sage fly line that is in essence bonded to the performance of the rod. That's why Sage notes the grain wt. of each rod, instead of the usual convention of naming a rod by a numeric line weight. These Sage fly lines are valued at $80 bucks USD; are 80' long; are built on aggressive forward tapers with larger diameter running line to make fish fighting more manageable.

Leaders should be short and aggressively tapered. Whether you choose to use fluorocarbon or not, this rod is designed to toss big flies in tight quarters to dinner-plate-sized openings between roots and lily pads. That is no place for long slender leaders, right? But you already knew that.

From USA Farm Ponds to the Amazon, Europe and beyond, the newly redesigned Bass II, Pike and Musky fly rods from Sage are going to put the pressure on some voracious game fish around the globe.

Fast Action Sage Bass II, Pike and Musky fly rod components and finish. These rods are built on a core of Generation IIIe Graphite. Tree Frog Green shafts; Rust plus gold plus black thread wraps; the handle will withstand the abuses of salt marshes and tidal rivers with a spectacular magenta red anodized aluminum reel seat and full-wells cork handles (with fighting butt) appropriately sized to each rod wt. For you Tournament anglers, note that the BASS II is designed to meet general official Tournament specifications. A uniquely Sage olive ballistic cloth rod/reel travel case is included with each rod. Pike and Musky rods are monstrously fast and tough contenders.