Thomas and Thomas Sextant Saltwater Rods Now in Stock with Free Line. (details)
Thomas and Thomas Sextant rods are one of the finest Saltwater Specific rods on the market. We are offering our current stock with a free line of your choice.

Rio Tarpon TECHNICAL Floating Tropical Fly Lines

The Rio Tarpon Technical Floating Tropical is an updated line for 2013, a full floater, with a much longer head, incorporating Rio’s advanced floatation and slick, heat resistant line coating. This Tarpon Technical line an excellent choice for the expert-class Tarpon angler -- making precise presentations fishing with floating lines.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Tarpon Technical Floating Tropical Fly Lines – Rio’s answer to the specialized demands of anglers targeting the most accurate and soft fly drops to Tarpon and other large tropical fish with floating lines.

Tarpon anglers may face situations where fish are wary and spooky, thus requiring a fly line that can carry the fly to a more delicate landing. These full floating fly lines are upgraded in 2013 and feature the longest head of any tropical specialty fly lines – a full 60’.

Most Unique feature: The 60’ shooting head clearly distinguishes this fly line. This Rio Tarpon Technical Floating Tropical fly line is the Tarpon specialist’s answer to soft presentations with floating lines. Aside from Tarpon, this line is best suited to the more advanced angler seeking a long-head tropical line for all large fish species.

Line Taper: This Tarpon Technical Floating Tropical line has an elongated but still powerful head taper that loads rods quickly, shoots well, and is suited to casting bulky Tarpon flies.

PLEASE NOTE the line taper inset chart above.

Sink rate: Not applicable; this is a full floater.

Line Core: stronger than standard fly lines to withstand the stress of big fish. Moderate stiffness to maintain body integrity in tropical heat. The core on all Rio Tarpon fly lines is 50 lb break strength.

Line weights available: the Rio Tarpon Technical Floating Tropical line is available in wts. 10-12.

Overall/Head Length: Approximately 100’/60’ at all line wts.

Line Color: Kelp green.

Line floating properties: The Tarpon Technical Floating Tropical lines incorporate Rio’s Agent X and are super slick under tropical fishing conditions to enhance shooting ability.

Welded Loops: The front and back ends of Tarpon Technical Floating Tropical fly lines deliver welded loops to ease the process of quick rigging to attaching leaders.

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