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Thomas and Thomas Sextant rods are one of the finest Saltwater Specific rods on the market. We are offering our current stock with a free line of your choice.

Rio In Touch Switch Fly Lines

The Rio Switch is full Spey fly line designed for novice and experienced anglers fishing shorter two-hand, Switch, and single hand fly rods. The Switch Line is extremely versatile Spey line for anglers fishing tight quarters - including the use of weighted flies and indicator rigs.

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Rio's Spey line that offers short rod anglers a versatile and easy casting line - especially for smaller rivers or tight casting quarters on larger streams.

Rio is incorporating the Connect Core into their premier fly lines because these line cores stretch less than 3 percent versus over 22 percent for traditional fly lines. Less stretch means better feel, hook setting, and more effective presentations too. So when you see In Touch or ConnectCore it is good and means a represents a superior fly line for all applications.

Most Unique feature: This is a full fly line and NOT a shooting head. The head portion of the line is a constant 55 ft. The line is easily cast overhead or with any Spey style technique.

Application:The Switch is a great choice for executing any Spey cast in tight quarters, including roll casts and overhead cast strokes.

Compatible tips: These Switch heads are suited to a modest variety of tapered leaders, intermediate, and sink tips, just so long as you keep to the light or moderate sink rates. These fish better with Versileaders than with heavy MOW Tips

Line Taper: This is a 55 ft head that excels at loading rods, line mending, and turning over weighted flies and or indicator rigs and nymphs or egg patterns.

Sink rate: This line is a full line, a floater, end to end.

Line class-weights available: the Rio Switch lines are available in line classes from 4/5 at 300 gr. to 8/9 at 520 gr.

Overall Line Length & Head Length: 100 ft - The head is 55 ft on all line classes.

Line Color: the Switch line has a beige head section, with pale green running line behind the head.

Line floating properties: Full floating line.

Welded Loops: The front of the Rio Switch fly lines are dressed with welded loops to ease the process of quick rigging to leaders or appropriate sink tips.

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