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Rio In Touch Switch Chucker Fly Line

The RIO Switch Chucker fly line is the line of choice whenever fishing tight quarters as well as indicator fishing using Spey, Switch, and Single hand rods under the 12 ft 6 inch range.

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This is the short Spey and Switch rod fly line for all seasons, and it may be fished on single hand rods too. Casting small and large flies on rods under about 12 ft 6 inches and this is a great fly line.

NEW for 2015/16, Rio is incorporating the Connect Core into their premier fly lines because these line cores stretch less than 3 percent versus over 22 percent for traditional fly lines. Less stretch means better feel, hook setting, and more effective presentations too. So when you see In Touch or ConnectCore it is good and means a represents a superior fly line for all applications.

Why choose this In Touch Switch Chucker fly line: This is a full fly line with a very short 25 ft head that is perfect for use on short Spey and Switch rods, and guess what: in the lighter head weights it is an amazing line for use on 9 and 10 ft single hand fly rods too.

In Touch Switch Chucker Performance Features: Short 25 ft head with a 14 ft handling section make it possible to execute fantastic casts in close quarters. You can fish with MOW tips, cast heavily weighted steelhead and salmon Intruders, or plop down your indicator with weighted nymphs to dredge the slots too.

KEY RIO In Touch Switch Chucker fly line Specifications:

This is a full fly line, for use on single and two hand rods under 12.5 ft: Add a MOW tip to dredge heavy bulky flies or just add a leader to chuck indicators.

RIO In Touch Switch Chucker casts bulky Indicators and heavy nymphs with ease: OK, it is always a challenge, but the RIO Switch Chucker fly lines has such a short head that it really excels indicator fishing in addition to making close quarter D loops.

Total length of this line is 100 ft:

Range of Switch Chucker Line weights offered: 225 gr; 275 gr; 325 gr; 370 gr; 420 gr; 465 gr; 520 gr; and 570 gr. These heads cover the game from what you would classify as 4 wt through 9 wt switch rods. We can help you match one of these lines to your single hander too. Just give us a call and we will puzzle through it.

HIGH Floater: Agent X and super slick line coating RIO is famous for.

Welded Loop? a nice tight welded loop on front of this line makes it easy to add your MOW tip or straight leader if indicator fishing.

Line Color: the 25 ft Switch Chucker head is gray and the handing/running line is pale green.

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