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Rio Spey Versileaders, & Versileader Kits

The Rio Spey Versileader is a definite advantage for short-rod Spey anglers who may need to adjust from floating-line to sink-tip fly presentations. Spey Versileaders are commonly used on 12 ft or shorter Spey and Switch fly rods and may also be fished on normal dry lines and provide sink rates from 1.5 ips to 7 ips for a wide range of conditions.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Spey Versileaders. Rio's solution to quick adaptability to changing fish behavior and presenting flies to fish at different depths.

These Spey Versileaders are available in a variety of sink rates and are offered at 6' - 10' - and 15 ft. They fish well with many floating freshwater lines, but are especially well suited to light Spey and the whole range of switch fly lines.

Best suited for: Places where a sink tip can make the difference between hook-ups and a fishless day, movement from run to run along a river; and from day to day - season to season.

Strength of Spey Versileaders: These are all rated at about 24 lbs break strength, making them suitable for any species where tippets would be below this strength class.

Welded loop: Rio Provides a welded loop on the rear end of each Spey Versileader to make for instant attachment to fly line. Tippets may be attached with blood or uni- knots or with a perfection loop added by the angler.

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