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Smallmouth Bass Fly Line: RIO Specialty Series Lines

The Rio Smallmouth Bass Fly is a very popular member of Rio's Specialty Line Series, a full floater, incorporating Rio’s advanced high floating Agent X and slick shooting, front and rear line loops. This Smallmouth Bass line is designed to provide the Bass specialist the very best fly line to present the flies in the waters preferred by Smallmouth.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on New Rio Smallmouth Bass Fly Lines – Evidence that Rio takes anglers who fish for this prized warmwater fish seriously.

While many trout anglers may be relatively unaware of Smallmouth Bass, these fish are fun, challenging, and success in taking Smallies on the fly is very rewarding

The Smallmouth Bass Specialty LIne is one of Rio's most popular lines. It turns out that there are many many fly anglers who specialize in targeting bass, and Smallmouth bass in particular. Trout country anglers who have never felt the excitement of this pursuit are really missing out on buckets of fun - and great fishing challenges too.

Most Unique feature: This line has an extraordinarily long head - over 60 ft long. Don't let this confuse the issue of fly delivery at close range; the long head is strongly front loaded to cast bass poppers and lead-eyed clousers, but the long rear taper provides the line mass to mend and adjust swing and presentation in complex currents in rivers where Smallmouth lay around rocks and ledges.

Line weights available: the Rio Smallmouth Bass fly line is available in wts. 6-8, accommodating the range of rods typically employed by our Smallmouth Bass advocates.

Line Taper: This Smallmouth Bass Fly line has an powerful head taper with most of the mass directly in the middle of the head. This allows for comfortable rod loading at short range, power enough to turn over bugs, minnows and buggers, and the long rear - of the head allows line mending to control the swing of the line across currents and ledges where Smallies prey on bait.

PLEASE NOTE the line taper chart insert above.

Overall/Head Length: Approximately 100 ft overall with an ultra-long head of 64-66 ft long.

Line Color: A orangish-bronze head with a tan-beige running line distinguish this specialty line that targets Bass.

Line floating Properties: Excellent, this is a full floater that excels in streams and still-waters where Smallies lurk.

Line sink Properties: Not applicable to Smallmouth Bass Fly Lines. These are full floating lines.

Welded Loops: The front and back end of these Smallmouth Bass Fly lines incorporate welded loops to ease the process of quick rigging to backing and attaching leaders.

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