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Rio In Touch iMOW Skagit Intermediate-Plus Sink Tips


RIO introduces In Touch iMOW Skagit Sink Tips: fish and swing flies deeper in fast water.

As Spey fishers, we are well familiar with the advantages of Rio's MOW sink tip series. The In Touch iMOW is based on an intermediate sink-rate line plus varying lengths of T-material - instead of the standard MOW, which is based on a floating line plus a T-material sink tip section, thus allowing an angler to probe deeper water on the swing. Note: RIO added IMOW tips in light T-8 for Skagit LInes of 475 gr or less, and these are fantastic for Switch rods also.

Why fish RIO In Touch iMOW Tips?

This is pretty straight-forward. Swinging wet flies to steelhead, salmon, sea- and lake-run browns is a game of finding the best sink tip for water conditions on the river where we fish today, tomorrow, and the next. Rio's already great selection of MOW sink tips provide plenty of options to sink and swing our flies. These iMOW tips offer intermediate sink rate rear sections instead of the floating sections standard in the MOW series.

iMow tips are built on an In Touch Connect Core.

How does iMOW sink flies deeper? With the rear of the iMOW composed of intermediate sink rate instead of floating line, the sinking portion just goes deeper during the swing.

Reviews & Sales of RIO Skagit MOW Tips for sale

We fish the standard MOW tips a lot, and these new iMOW tips are undoubtedly going to swing our flies deeper in the places where a deeper presentation will be an advantage.

Matching iMOW tips with Spey lines: The new iMOW tips will fish with any line we would normally fish a sink tip - MOW or otherwise - because these are simply another sink tip differentiated by the intermediate sink butt portion.

iMOWs are Looped: same as their cousin MOW tips - at both ends for easy attachment to your spey line.

iMOWs are offered in T-14 and T-11 wt series: These are the most often used MOW tips and Rio decided to debut the iMOW with these sink rate tips.

Check out the diagram above: for an idea of how the iMOW allows a sink tip to swing deeper.

Especially compatible with Skagit iFlight lines: Because the Rio Skagit iFlight line has an intermediate tip, using an iMOW tip will allow you to fish even deeper water than if you fish a standard Skagit floating line.

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