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Rio In Touch MOW Skagit Series Sink Tips

MOW Tips are built on connect cores thus reducing stretch in your tips for better strike detection and hook setting. If RIO had done this differently, these could be the WOM tips, for Ed Ward, Scott O'Donnell, and Mike McCune. But they didn't like that sound, and so we have the MOW tip instead. This is an endless source of confusion for our customers, so we will simply focus on the functionality of MOW tips on the water.

Caddis Fly Reviews & Guide to selecting the best RIO In Touch Skagit MOW Tips

Why we love Rio In Touch Skagit MOW Tips. Spey and Switch rod fishing often requires addition of a tip section to fly line head. This tip section either floats or sinks, presenting our fly at an optimum depth. Prior to the advent of the MOW tip by Rio, we often made up our sink tips with sinking fly lines or custom cutting sections of RIO or Airflo Tungsten sinking line.

Rio In Touch Skagit MOW Tips provide convenience and efficiency. MOW tips are ready to fish, straight out of the package. Loops are on both ends so you can attach your MOW tip to your Spey or Switch fly line, and then attach a leader to the MOW tip, in seconds.

Reviews on RIO In Touch Skagit MOW Tips for sale

Our Caddis Fly Pro Staff have fished RIO Skagit MOW tips extensively. We rave about MOW trips because they deliver, day after day, season after season.

In Touch Mow Tip sink rates. Aside from the floating MOW tips, sink rates of RIO MOW tips correspond to the material used in each tip. Specifically, T-8 material weighs about 8 gr per foot, and T-14 weighs about 14 gr per foot. Heavier material sinks faster. A 10' T-8 Mow tip weighs 80 gr and a 10' T-14 MOW tip weighs 140 gr.

Looped at both ends. MOW tips have loops on both ends and this makes attachment and changing loops really simple.

Are In Touch MOW tips suitable for single hand fly rods? Yes, but remember to use the following guidelines in matching a MOW tip with a single hand fly rod. A T-14 MOW tip (at 10') would be too heavy (at 140 gr) to cast with, for example, a 7 wt fly rod.

Why offer In Touch MOW tips with short sinking sections? The decision to offer MOW tips that are either full sinking, or with 2.5', 5.0', or 7.5' sinking sections was based on practical need to fish one's fly at varying depths and in different current and river hydraulics. A spey Skagit fly line would not cast well if we just added a 2.5 or even 5.0' sink tip, because we would probably loose our anchor on the cast. If this doesn't make sense, simply accept that a tip added to a spey or switch fly line needs to be at least in the 10' length range to facilitate the cast. But sometimes, what we need is a short sink tip to put our fly a few feet deep while we probe around a boulder field looking for steelhead or big trout. A 10' sink tip would make this more difficult than a short sink tip. These MOW tips are all in the 10' overall length range, but with shorter or longer sinking portions.

Matching MOW tips to Spey Head weight. If your spey or switch lines are in the sub-500 gr range, you will like the T-8 or T-11 Mow tips. if your heads are in the mid 400 gr to about 600 gr, the T-11 are better. And if you are in the mid 500 gr and heavier range, the T-14 MOW tips will probably feel the best.

Selecting MOW tip to rod weight. We propose to make this simple. Spey and switch fly rods in the #4 wt and #5 wt. will feel overpowered by T-14 - the T-8 will feel best and the T-11 will feel OK on the 5 wt rods. A 6 wt spey rod will fish both T-11 and T-8 MOW tips. if your spey rod is in the 7 and heaver wt range, you will probably feel best casting T-11 or T-14 MOW tips.

Choosing MOW tip by fly size and fly weight. lighter flies will cast better or the cast will feel better, with a lighter MOW tip. The largest, heaviest, most wind resistant flies will cast better with the T-14 MOW tips.

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