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Rio In Touch MOW Tips Kit: Complete Set Rio Skagit Series Sink Tips


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The Rio In Touch MOW Tips Kits are a great convenience and save us a few bucks, while providing maximum versatility in your ability to fish different water and flow levels.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio MOW Tips Kits - Rio's answer to the variable whims of nature and river flows both day-to-day and run to run.

These MOW Tips Kits will allow Spey anglers to fish any possible river condition by providing easy access to all 6 of the various MOW tips of one sink rate - in one clean shot.

Most Unique feature: The In Touch MOW Tips Kits are a straightforward means of providing the full range of MOW tips and the fishing conditions they are tailored to, plus a tip wallet, and this solves the dilemma of what to buy and what to carry in the vest.

Packaging Information. Rio In Touch MOW Skagit Tip Kits are provided in the Large size Rio Tip Wallet. MOW Tip Kits are all the same density tips, so this will be, for example, T-8, T-11, T-14, or T-17 in each complete kit (includes a floater in each Kit also).

Sink rates: From 6-7 inches per second in the T-8 series to almost 10 ips in the T-17 series.

Welded Loops: The front and back ends of MOW Tips in these Kits are equipped with welded loops to ease the process of quick rigging to attaching leaders.

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