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Rio Skagit Max Head

RIO delivers the best all around Skagit head for two hand Spey rods as short as 12.5 ft and as long as you want to heft.

Caddis Fly Guide Reviews, Sales, and Videos of RIO Skagit Max Spey Shooting Head fly lines.

The RIO Skagit Max Spey head fly line is destined for greatness. Cast any tip and fly, using Skagit style casts and the heaviest tips and flies, fishing rods at or over 12.5 ft, and this line will excel.

Best application of RIO Skagit Max shooting head Spey fly line: the heaviest tips and largest flies are on the menu for this powerful Skagit Spey head.

Performance Features: This is the Skagit head line for longer Spey rods, in the 12 ft 9 inch range and up. Shorter two handers will excel using the Skagit Max Short Head.

KEY Skagit Max Shooting Head fly line Specifications:

This is a Shooting Head: ranging from 23 ft at 425 gr up to 25 ft at 750 gr.

Range of Line wt offered: 425 gr to 750 gr; in 25 gr increments.

ConnectCore technology: NO stretch in this head.

Recommendations for Shooting lines matched to heads:

*200 to 400 gr head with .024/.026 shooting line or 25 lb Slickshooter

*400 to 550 gr head with .030/.032 shooting line or 35 lb Slickshooter

*550 to 675 gr head with .035/.037 shooting line or 44 lb Slickshooter

*675 or heavier head with .040/.042 shooting line or 50 lb Slickshooter

Line Color: Teal with orange rear loop to attach to shooting line

Looped at both ends:

Head wt labeled on loop. No head wt confusion anymore, ever again.

Orange at rear of head always denotes proper end of head to attach to shooting line.

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