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Rio Saltwater Tapered Leaders and Leader Tippet Spools

Reviews of Rio Tapered Fly Leaders & Leader Tippet spools to fish for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Striped Bass, Tarpon, Barracuda, and other Saltwater species.

If the waters are salty, from estuaries, flats, to bluewater, one of these Rio Saltwater tapered leaders has you covered for specialized performance. Tippet replacements? Rio has us covered nicely.

Guide Reviews of Rio Tapered Fly Leaders & Leader Tippet Spool for Saltwater species:

Saltwater fly fishing presents extremely varied and demanding challenges to fly anglers. The Caddis Fly Shop stocks all the Rio specialized saltwater tapered leaders and tippet material. Our clients and guides fish the whole spectrum of Rio tapered leaders and tippet materials; these are the highest quality, best performers available in the industry, period. Key Rio Tapered Saltwater Tapered Leader Types:

Rio bonefish: At either 10 ft or 12 ft these are your always, anywhere Rio bonefish tapered leader.

Rio Redfish - Sea trout: At 9 ft - if you fish These species, you will throw Clousers one minute, and Poppers the next: this is your specialty leader.

Rio Saltwater: From the flats to the beaches of Cape Cod, estuaries to near shore - this is the all around Saltwater tapered leader from Rio.

Rio Fluoroflex Bonefish: At 9 ft - this is the clear water, spooky bones specialty leader a wide range of Saltwater fish. Supple but tough and well suited for flats fishing modest size flies.

Rio Light Shock: At 10 ft - if you fish Tarpon, Snook, or any species with leader cutting body parts, this tough, Shock-tipped leader is just what the Guide will recommend.

Rio Striped Bass: At a compact 7 ft - this is the corollary to the freshwater Bass leader, with a tough nylon material that will turn-over all our striper flies and hang on when you need the little extra strength.

Rio Toothy Critter: At 7.5 ft - this is not just a saltwater leader, if you fish for sharp-toothed fish from Barracuda to Musky, this is your leader.

Rio Tarpon: At a Guide approved 6 ft. length, complete with butt loop and shock tippet, this is the quality Rio leader the guides keep stocked in their boats season after season.