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RIO In Touch Pike Musky Fly Line

The Rio In Touch Pike-Musky Fly is an exciting new member of Rio's Specialty Line Series, offering both full floater and Interediate head configurations, incorporating the advanced high floating Agent X and slick shooting, front and rear line loops. This Pike-Musky line is designed to provide the Pike and Musky fly fishing specialist the very best fly line to cast large, huge, monster-sized flies that are both wind resistant and water-soaked. This is a demanding challenge, but this line is a great performer under such conditions.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on New Rio Pike-Musky Fly Lines indicate that Rio takes anglers who fish for these muscular, toothy fish seriously.

Pike and Musky fishing is a challenging pursuit in the fly fishing world. These fish can be shockingly willing to take a fly, or they can be as frustratingly challenging as any spring creek trout sipping size 20 spinners from glassy surfaces. The Key to effective Pike and Musky fishing is the ability to present big, wind resistant, water logged flies on an instant's notice. This re-designed and improved RIO fly line will do the job admirably.

Most Unique feature: This is the Flagship of freshwater specialty fly line series. The head is seriously front loaded to allow an angler to roll big water logged flies our of the water and make decisive presentations close to the canoe or way out along lily pads or rocky shorelines.

Line weights available: the Rio Pike fly line is available in wts. 8-11, accommodating the range of rods typically employed by our Pike and Musky seekers.

A genuine 11 wt fly line? Yes, you asked and Rio answered. Now all you need is a new 11 wt fly rod.

Full floating, Intermediate, and type 6 sink rate line head options? Many anglers fish floating flies and poppers for Pike and Musky, but not all. The presentation of damp soggy flies a foot or so under the surface is often superior and this line will get the job done. The Intermediate option is also better if there is wind chop on the water. Go to the type 6 sink rate head for deep water presentations, the In Touch core will help you feel the take and set the hook right pronto.

Line Taper: This Pike-Musky Fly line has a powerful head taper with a significant portion of the head mass in the middle and rear of the head. This permits easy rod loading, especially at close range, but turnover of your fly is enhanced by the forward portion of the head taper.

PLEASE NOTE the line taper chart insert above.

Overall/Head Length: Approximately 100 ft overall with a head that is just short of 29 ft on all of the line weights.

Floating Line Color: Pale yellow through and through.

Intermediate Head line color: Clear camo intermediate-sink head of 29 ft with floating running line that is pale yellow.

Welded Loops: The front and back end of these Pike Fly lines incorporate welded loops to ease the process of quick rigging to backing and attaching leaders.