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Leviathan Fly Line: Intermediate Rio Saltwater Tropical Lines


Leviathan Fly Line: Reviews and Sales of Rio Tropical Lines, in stock, free shipping and NO SALES TAX.

This Rio Leviathan is a full fly line offered in a 500 gr intermediate line with a 10' Intermediate sink tip. These Leviathan fly lines are considered warm water lines and will not become sticky and mushy in the tropical heat like a cold-water fly line would. All the Leviathan series of Rio fly lines are founded on a core of over seventy pounds break strength, so you can gear up your tippets accordingly, cast the biggest and baddest flies, and put the butt (so-to-speak) to the most gorgeous large fish in the sea. These two fly lines in the leviathan series are a nice shallow fly presentation alternative to the 26 ft sink tips in the series, as those lines are intended to get your flies down-under and get them deep to the fish promptly.

PLEASE NOTE the line taper chart inset above.

Floater color: Key Lime/Blue

Intermediate color: Clear Tip/Translucent Green

No Loops: Rio made a decision to leave the loop type and creation to the individual Big Game angler with the Leviathan Series of fly lines. Some choose Albright knots, but we prefer to double over the line and use two nail knots and whip the loop securely. The choice is yours, and this stage is critical when seeking the largest saltwater game fish.

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