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Rio Intouch Skagit Trout Spey Line


The Rio InTouch Skagit Trout Spey line is a fully integrated line that performs with Trout Spey AND single hand rods.

This is a Skagit style line and is intended to be cast with a tip that could be a floater, intermediate, or sink tip of modest length and weight. If you want to fish a 15 ft T-17 tip you will need a longer and more powerful spey rod and heavier line.

Trout. Bass. Worldwide. Modest and big waters. Big flies and sink tips. Fish close-in and far off. Single hand rod rods. Two hand trout spey rods.

Specific line-weight options for Spey vs single hand rod and specific head length

225 gr - #2 vs #5 - 13.5 ft

275 gr - #3 vs #6 - 15 ft

325 gr - #4 vs #7 - 16 ft

375 gr - #5 vs #8 - 17 ft

Forget the lumps and bumps when you are casting or fighting fish, because this is a fully integrated line.

The short head allows you to cast with brush or rocks close behind, and deliver your flies close and long, wherever the fish are laying.

Total line length is 100 ft.

Features we expect of today's finest fly lines include labeling, loops at both ends, dependable shooting and floating performance.

This is a ConnectCore fly line with minimum stretch, so your bite-detection and hook setting is un-compromised.

An Orange line-marker at the back end of the head lets the caster accurately set up for each cast.

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