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Rio InTouch Single Hand Spey 3D Triple density fly line


Rio InTouch Single Handed Spey 3D Specialty Fly Lines.

The Rio Rio InTouch Single Handed Spey 3D is an innovative NEW fly line, incorporating Rio's Connect Core, innovative taper plus a TRIPLE DENSITY design. This line will make great casts with single handed rods using spey style casts, overhead casts, and roll casts.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio InTouch Single Handed 3D Spey Specialty Fly Lines, available in line wt. 3 through 8 to suit fly fishing conditions world wide.

The Rio InTouch Single Handed Spey 3D The TRIPLE DENSITY design allows the angler to swim a fly deeper than would normally be achievable if fishing a traditional floating head with a sink tip.

ConnectCore fly line core: This TRIPLE DENSITY InTouch fly line is new for 2017/18 - Better detection of grabs, more positive hook setting, and ability to present the fly at greater depth than would be possible with a floating line and sink tip.

Line Color: The Intermediate tip is clear camo, the hover section of the tip is glacial, the floating portion of the head is pale peach, and the running line is pale camo green.

Line Taper: This line is a dependable companion to anglers fishing rivers, lakes and estuaries. Line mending and roll casting, along with the execution of Spey style casts with single hand rods are qualities that make this line a dependable performer.

This is a NEW line with floating/hover/intermediate properties. The triple density translates into a fly line that quite naturally is suited to swimming soft hackles and streamers across a current.

This fly line will perform with very well when casting in tight quarters.

The fly line head is heaviest near the rear: thus making roll casting and rod loading far more intuitive than a uniformly shaped traditional weight forward fly line head.

Overall line versus Head Length approximately 90 ft line with 33 ft head. The relatively short head is crucial to executing overhead, roll, and spey style casts with single handed fly rods.

Floating/Sinking Properties: The tip is an intermediate sink, gradually transitioning into a hover intermediate, and finally transitioning into a floating rear portion of the head.

Welded Loops: The front and back ends of these Rio Rio InTouch Single Handed Spey Specialty series fly lines are equipped with welded loops to ease the process of quick rigging to backing and attaching leaders.

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