Sage Maverick Saltwater Rods Now in Stock with Free Line. (details)
Sage Maverick Saltwater Rods rods are one of the best values in high performance salt specific rods. We are offering our current stock with a free line of your choice.

Rio In Touch Midge Tip Long

The Rio In-Touch CamoLux Sub Surface line is a NEW line, incorporating the RIO advanced no stretch line core, front loop, and super slick line surface.

Caddis Fly Shop Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Midge Tip LONG Sub Surface Fly Lines RIO gets the lake game and gets it good. Now they bring us the Midge Tip Long line with ConnectCore technology for better hook setting and strike detection.

Most Unique feature: this is distinguished from the regular RIO Midge Tip line by doubling the intermediate sink tip from 1 to 2 meters and making the tip camo instead of clear.

Sink rate: the tip sinks at 1.5 to 2.0 inches per second; the remainder of the line is a full floater.

LONG Midge Tip? the STANDARD RIO Midge Tip fly line has a 1 meter clear tip; this NEW Midge LONG fly line has a 2 meter camo clear tip. This is an extremely useful fly line to get you down over weed beds but not sink you too deep.

Line weights available: the Rio In-Touch Midge Tip LONG fly line is available in wts. 4-8.

Line Taper: 40 ft head consists of a 27 ft 6 in body plus front taper and tip that totals at 10.5 ft; plus a rear taper on the head of 2 ft. The running line is 60 ft long. No, we have not checked the math. Rio did the calculations for us and far as we are concerned, it is close enough to go fishing.

Did we really need a two meter camo intermediate tip? Yes, silly. You lake anglers know that sometimes a 1 m tip gets you down just right. Sometimes a full Intermediate sink line is just right or maybe one of the other sink tip type of lines. But not always. Nope. That is why the 2 meter intermediate tip was created. If you fish lakes, you probably NEED this line.

Overall/Head Length: 80ft at WF3I; 90 ft at WF4 and WF5I; and 100 ft at WF6, WF7, and WF8I line classes.

Line Color: the LONG 2 m intermediate sink tip portion of this line is a transparent Camo. The remainder of the line is a pleasing melon color. No, we did not come up with these color names. Someone at RIO did. Wish I had their job. Maybe.

Line sink Properties: the line is a full floater with a 2 meter Intermediate sink rate tip rated at 1.5 to 2.0 inch per second sink.

Welded Loops: naturally, RIO delivers a front end factory loop on the In touch Midge Tip LONG fly line.

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