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Rio Directcore Jungle Fly Line Series


The Rio Direct Core Jungle Series of fly lines will deliver the performance you need in extreme jungle heat whether fishing a floating, Intermediate, slow sink or fast sink fly line. Take a look, one of these Jungle lines will cover all the jungle waters bases.

Big Flies. Hot tropical environments. Big fish. Nasty waters. This is where the Jungle series of fly lines by Rio are right at home.

One of these Jungle Series lines from Rio will fit perfectly for your Jungle fishing conditions, but lets not be silly and think one line is going on a trip to the jungle. Our recommendation is to have a minimum of two lines. A full floater and a sinking tip line are a must have. The Clear Tip intermediate is also very versatile for all conditions, there you go, three lines, three rods and off to the Jungle. These lines are fantastic for Peacock Bass, Golden Dorado and other species that inhabit jungle waters.

Rio Jungle Lines are available in the following configurations:

full floater


intermediate/sink 3

intermediate/sink 6

Core strength of these lines is as follows:

WF7 -- is 30 lb

WF8 --is 40 lb

WF9 & 10 is 50 lb

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