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Rio Connectcore Shooting Line


*Please call for availability. Most sizes not available until November 2016*

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The Connect Core fly line series represents a genuine advancement in floating shooting lines used by Spey and Switch anglers.

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Thanks RIO, for beefing up the handling portion of our Spey and Switch shooting lines. More durable and easier to hold with cold wet fingers.

Why choose this RIO ConnectCore Shooting fly line: The orange handling section makes it easier to locate your Spey/switch head in preparation for your next cast; the handling section is thicker and this makes it sturdier, more wear resistant, and also a little easier to hang onto while you execute your powerful cast. And remember better hook setting at distance too.

Performance Features: Remember your normal excellent floating Rio Shooting line? This is a notable design upgrade because it has a handling section of 14 ft that is both thicker than the rest of the shooting line and is also bright orange. The orange is intended to make it really easy to recognize when you are about to retrieve your Spey or Switch head to the point where you will hold it and execute your next cast.

KEY connect Core fly line Specifications:

This is a Shooting line: Not a full fly line. You could fish it with any shooting head but it is principally intended for Spey and Switch rod fishing.

This is a floating shooting line, specifically intended to fish with Spey Heads: Loop this shooting line to your head and let fly.

Total length of this line is 100 ft:

Range of Line weights offered: Connect core shooting lines are offered in .026 in, .032 in, .037 in, and .042in. Break strengths respectively are as follows: 15 lb, 20 lb, 20 lb, and 30 lb.

Core: This is the ultra low stretch, practically no stretch connect core. Better hook sets at long range, YES!

Welded Loop? A nice large welded loop on the front end of the orange handling section of the shooting line makes for simple addition of your Spey or Switch shooting head.

Line Color: The handling section is high viz orange and the remainder of the shooting line is color coded to indicate the line diameter/strength: Gray 15 lb; pale green 20 lb; pale blue 25 lb; Straw 30 lb.

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