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Rio Connectcore Metered Shooting Line


The Rio ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line ends the guess-work and takes any possible exaggeration out of evaluating how far we cast.

Hurrah! Now we know for sure that a 90 ft cast really is - or proves that our 70 feet was really only 50!

Every Spey angler estimates the distance of each cast - we just can't help ourselves.

This is a 100 ft floating shooting line -

Core strength and diameters are as shown below:

15 lb .026"

20 lb .032"

20 lb .037"

30 lb .042"

The line is unique because it is color coded each 10 feet, plus it has a slight taper at the very front of the line, where you attach the shooting head. This short taper enhances cast stability, potential casting distance, and durability of the running line.

Shooting lines are sometimes referred to as running lines; essential when fishing a shooting HEAD line.

loops at each end make attachment a simple process.

This is a ConnectCore fly line with minimum stretch, so your bite-detection and hook setting is un-compromised.

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