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Rio Avid Series Trout Fly Lines: Floating & 24 ft Sink Tip

As far as we are concerned, The Rio Avid Series Trout series of fly lines offer a very economically priced, best quality fly line to suit widest range fly fishing for both generalist and specialist trout angler lakes, streams, and estuaries are all places where the Rio Mainstream Trout fly line will put you in the game.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Avid Series Series Trout Fly Lines, a modestly priced all-water, all-angler freshwater and estuary fly line.

Rio hit the target with the Avid Series Trout series of fly lines; economically priced, a variety of-easy to-cast tapers in floating and 24 ft Sink-Tip,these Avid fly lines are designed to cast well for the regular guy or gal fly angler who may fish a wide variety of fly rods from day to day.

Line Types AVAILABLE: Rio Avid Series Series Trout fly lines are available WF float, and 24 ft sink tip lines with heads of 150 gr to 300 gr.

Line Taper: This Rio Avid Trout fly line, as a generalist, is heavy enough to comfortably load most fly rod actions.

PLEASE NOTE the two line taper charts in the above inset.

Line Color: Rio Avid Trout floating fly lines are yellow; the 24 ft sink tips have a black sinking tip backed by a running line that is yellow.

Weight Forward Floating (WF): Lines 3 - 8 wt. For anglers who like the assertive presentation with wet or dry flies and fast action rods. Great for windy days and indicator fishing too.

24 ft. Sink-Tip (WF): Lines 150 gr. to 300 gr sink tips with floating body and running line. This is a very versatile sink tip and it casts easily with most rod actions.

Made in the USA: Avid Series Trout fly lines are made by Rio, here close to home.

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