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Rio Anti Twist Spey Swivel

The Rio Anti Twist Spey Swivel is a new product offering in 2013 that will earn a solid place in the Spey fishing landscape over the years. Spey casting generates torsion and twist that can transfer to our shooting line and produce kinks and loops, thus impeding our casting. The Spey swivel is placed between the shooting line and the Spey head, and presto - no more line twist! Nice, really an improvement in our opinion.

3-Per-Packge: so we can load up several reels and spools.

Swivel strength: rated at 40 pounds.

Braid strength: is rated at 35 lbs. these will handle our strongest leader tippets, no doubt.

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These Anti Twist Spey Swivels are a much needed addition to our Spey fishing arsenal.