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RIO 15 In Touch ft Replacement Sink Tips

The Rio 15 ft Replacement Sink Tips are an extremely handy product because we are often finding that we loose or damage our tips over the course of the day, week, month, or season.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio 15 ft In Touch Replacement Sink Tips Rio's answer to the angler who just needs a spare sink tip or maybe a few spare tips.

Rio designed these new 15 ft sink tips for use on the Skagit Head, Skagit Versitip, AFS Outbound, and AFS Scandi lines. We see them working across a broad spectrum of the spey rod fly fishing game.

Available in the the most useful sink rates: Intermediate, Type 3, Type 6, and Type 8 sink rates.

Tip Weights:

#6 - 84 gr No Floating tip

#7 - 95 gr

#8 - 109 gr

#9 - 129 gr

#10 - 150 gr

Sink Rate & Color:

Floating Tip available in 7-10 wt

I 1-2 ips Grey with Grey loop available in 6-10 wt

T-3 3-4 ips Brown with Yellow Loop available in 6-10 wt

T-6 6-7 ips Black with Grey Loop available in 6-10 wt

T-8 8-9 ips Black with Green Loop available in 8-10 wt

Easy identification: Each replacement tip is printed with the line size identification.

Simple connection to fly lines: These tips are looped on the back end and the front end for easy change.

Best Application: Many of our clients and all of our Guide Staff are very familiar with and dedicated to the Rio15 Ft Sink tips for both VersiTip and Skagit Spey fly lines. The Rio 15 Ft Sink Tips are available in line weights from 6 to 10 and in sink rates from intermediate to Type 8. The Sleek and sturdy welded loops are color and bar coded to help you remember the line weight and density of each tip.

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