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Rising Fly Fishing Gear Ė with a reputation for delivering hot new products, innovative function and the highest quality engineering.

The Caddis Fly ships your order PROMPTLY. Rising produces great tools with unsurpassed quality, not just for the fly fisher, but also for all anglers across the globe who fish with worms, grubs, minnows, shrimp, and pork rinds. The point is: if you fish, Rising tools are for you.

Sales of Rising pliers, nippers, Lippa tools, Storage Systems, and Apparrel give anglers an edge handling their leaders, hooks, and releasing fish safely.

Our staff of guides and our clients spend so may hours on the water that they are the best measure of how good any product performs. The answer for Rising tools is as follows: GREAT!

Guide Reviews prove that Rising products offer an exciting range of tools, innovative storage systems, and fun accessories to meet the universal demands of anglers around the world.

Why buy your Rising Gear from the Caddis Fly Shop?

We appreciate the pleasure of working with the Rising Team, making suggestions for new products and testing prototype gear. We know the people at Rising and we have tons of Rising gear in our vests, packs, coats, and boats.

Rising gear designs:

Are unique, ergonomic, and they work on water everywhere we fish.

Quality Control: Rising tools, hats, and gear bags/packs are manufactured to meet high quality standards.

Availability of Rising Fly Fishing Gear:

If we donít have it in the Shop, we can provide your Rising gear pretty quick, so give us a call or an email to see if we have Rising gear not listed in our online catalog.

Nippa: Funny name for tippet nippers, sure, but the Rising Nippa is at the top of our list of high performance fly fishing tools because they just nip and nip all day long.

Crocodile Pliers: these Rising Pliers are offered in 6 inch, 8.5 inch, and 12 inch. The Rising Crocodile Pliers feel good to hold. These pliers help release fish by sliding the looped tip down the leader and pushing against the bend of the fly. This process reduces handling stress. They have a lock to stabilize the pliers in closed position; they will smash hook barbs, and a have a sharp cutter for leader tippets.

Work Tool: At 8.5 inches, this Rising Rising Work Tool is aptly named. They will lock closed securely to grip the shank of hooks and help release fish; will smush hook barbs flat with ease; cutter, and a split shot crimping tool.

Ultralight Work Tool: The Ultralight Rising pliers are spring loaded, lock closed, have serrated cutting scissors, and flat tips perfect for flattening barbs on fly hooks.
Rising Trucker Hat