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Retrax Eyewear Retainers


With RETRAX, you simply secure the retention cups to your eyewear or sunglasses and RETRAX automatically secures to the back of your head.

When removing your glasses, simply slide them down just below your chin and immediately, RETRAX will sung them up comfortably to your neck.

RETRAX has a corrosion resistant spring and is salt water friendly.

When wearing RETRAX, you wonÕt even know the retainer is there.

Available in a locking and standard (non-locking) model.

RETRAX is not much bigger than a dime in circumference, and the cable is an amazing 21.5 inches long when fully extended.

RETRAX features a stainless steel braided wire, finished off with a smooth soft coating that will not irritate the skin, and is abrasion resistant.

The winding mechanism is corrosion resistant, salt water friendly, and is constructed of a durable nylon housing that rests on the back of your head where the spine meets the scull.

One size fits all, available in both locking and standard (non-locking) versions.

RETRAX is designed for the people on the move, or just reading a book.

RETRAX keeps your eyewear snug on your head so when youÕre out on your motorcycle, boat, bicycle, jogging, or even jumping out of an airplane, RETRAX will be right there for you to protect your favorite eyewear from flying off your head to be never being found again!

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