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Regal Fly Tying Vises

Regal Fly Tying Vises are the first choice of many professional tyers because they are simple to use, hold hooks dependably, and stand up to years of hard use.

Ships from the Caddis Fly Shop SAME DAY & NO SALES TAX Check out our fly tying videos and you will often see our Pros using Regal vises of one sort or another. Why? They are top-notch quality, pure and simple.

Regal offers a most basic C-Clamp Vise, a diverse array of vises in the Medallion series, and a full Rotary style fly tying vise; covering virtually all the bases in hook holding excellence.

Regal vises are arguably the easiest to use, hold hooks absolutely securely, provide decades of durability, and it’s difficult to imagine a situation where this vise will leave you wanting more.

Regal fly tying vises are manufactured in good old Massachusetts, USA.

Difficult to spell, yeah, but these folks have an amazing fly vise on their hands, and have continued to improve on its functional superiority over time.

Why consider a Regal vise over any other quality product or manufacturer?

The choice of a fly tying vise is both practical and personal. Our customers and Pro tyers use and love many different vises, including Dyna King, Nor Vise, Petitjean Master Swiss Vise, and various models offered that emulate the Thompson Model A Vise.

Regal Vises are simple to use: Nothing whatsoever to adjust, just squeeze the handle, insert the hook and tie your fly. Regal has you covered whether using big or small hooks, they’ve got you covered generally from #22 to #1/0 - how many other vises can claim this range of hook size accommodation?

Regal vises last and last, allowing you to produce thousands of dozens of flies: Honestly, ask our Pro tyers and they will verify the staying power of the Regal vise

Availability: Our selection of Regal vises is not limited to what you see in the catalog. We have Regal vises in the shop that are not listed, and we can supply any Regal vise you care to order from us, promptly and with no sales tax or shipping charge, more often than not.

Innovative clamp and vise base designs: The pocket pedestal vises are wonderful to keep beads, hooks, dumbbells, and sundries handy. The plain old C-Clamp vise will never go out of style, so if you have the urge, pick the vise style you will be most comfortable with, balanced with your price preferences – every Regal in the product line is a great vise.

A long heritage of local and international Pro tyers using Regal Fly Tying Vises is all we need in the way of Endorsements and Reviews.

These men and women tie on Regal Vises because they work, work easy, work long, and are absolutely dependable. How’s that for a review?

Full warranty, naturally: Not that we have ever found a defective Regal in thirty years use. Never. The only caution is to pay attention to proper hook placement, as in not too close to the jaw tips. Instructions are simple to follow. Pay attention, and your Regal will serve your lifetime; at least that’s our best guess.

Rotary function: The old style, traditional Regal offers the ability to rotate a fly forward or backward, but is not a true rotary vise. New full rotary styles edge the Regal family forward, while retaining the simplicity and dependability of the original series.

Revolution Series Model 200-10: This traditional Jaw Regal vise offers full rotary function with center axis hook alignment. for those who have come to appreciate the ability to turn a fly upside down and at any angle in between without re-positioning the hook in the jaws.

Traditional Jaw - Model RPPR-22: This is a Medallion series Regal, with heavy aluminum pedestal base incorporating 5 pockets for beads, cones, dumbbells and such, close at hand.

Traditional Jaw - Model RPBR-10T: This is yet another Medallion series Regal, beautiful Bronze traditional base, very stable, and featuring the Regal Medallion image on both the vise head and as a larger image on the pedestal.

Traditional Jaw - Model RCR-4: This is a Medallion series Regal, incorporating a simple C-Clamp with the traditional rotatable vise head.

Other Regal vises and spare vise heads: We can provide any Regal Vise, pedestal, or spare vise head for you; kindly call or email, we can let you know details concerning timing of delivery, cost and all of those important details.

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