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Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey


The Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey is a lightweight, two-handed trout fishing rod that is both high quality and super affordable.

The Redington Hydrogen single-handed rods made their mark in the angling world by being a lightweight, super sensitive rod. The Hydrogen Trout Spey has taken the feel of this incredible class of rods and adapted them to two-handed fishing.

The Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey is the lightest weight rod in its class; however, it is still incredibly durable as well.

I'm going to give it to you straight:

This is one of the most fun rods I have ever casted. Its as light as a feather, but has no problem casting a great distance as well.

Targeting trout with two-handed fly rods has become popular across the globe because it is an effective way to present flies to fish, and cover water well. We enjoy fishing “trout spey” style rods on medium to large sized rivers where a single-handed fly rod isn’t enough. While swinging for streamers is a popular method with rods such as the Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey, they are equally as advantageous with a strike indicator and two nymphs, as well as swinging soft hackles on a greased dry line to feeding trout. You will be amazed by the control you have with the Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey when you are mending your streamers or nymphs at a long distance; the extra length of the rod coupled with the power it can generate allows you to achieve perfect drifts every time. They are a joy to cast as well; whether you are simply roll casting them or using single and double spey casts, you will be blown away by their smooth stroke.

From our backyard here in the Pacific NW to Chile or Alaska, the Hydrogen Trout Spey is a tried and true streamer fishing machine. Even swinging flies to smaller-than-average steelhead would be a hoot with this rod, and the 3 weight could handle it! It certainly didn't disappoint with strong Kenai River rainbows.

Action and components.

The Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey is a lightweight yet responsive Medium-Fast Action fly rod. Due to improved rod tracking, you can cast these rods with pinpoint accuracy in any conditions. Furthermore, Zirconia stripping guides reduce freezing of your line and guides in winter conditions. Premium cork handles, and a downlocking, skeletonized reel seat finishes off the rod well.

Line Recommendations:

Hydrgoen Trout Spey Skagit Scandi Other Tips
2110-4 11' 2wt. Max Short 225 Scandi 210 Switch Chucker #2, Single Hand Spey WF5-F 10' MOW Light, All 10' Scandi VersiLeaders
3113-4 11'3'' 3wt. Max Short 275 Scandi 240 Switch Chucker #3, Skagit Trout Max 275, Single Hand Spey WF6-F 10' MOW Light, All 10' Scandi VersiLeaders
4116-4 11'6" 4wt. Max Short 325 Scandi 300 Switch Chucker #4, Single Hand Spey WF7-F MOW light and Medium. All Scandi VersiLeaders


Hydrogen Trout Spey Rods are very light. They range from 3.6-4.4 ounces. Incredible for a two-handed fly rod!

Time and time again, Redington has brought outstanding fly fishing rods to the stage but at a reasonable price. They are designed for both the veteran angler and the enthusiastic beginner, and they have yet to let us down once. The Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey is no exception.

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