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Redington Butter Stick FiberGlass Rods Most on Back order at Redington

The Redington reputation for delivering very fine fly fishing equipment at very reasonable prices has been earned in part by products as innovative at this new series of fiberglass fly rods: the Butter Stick fiberglass rods.

Why make your Redington Purchase from the Caddis Fly Shop?

We offer excellent customer service regarding all of your fly fishing and fly tying interests, deliver the goods promptly. Additionally we have used the Butter Stick and find that with a fish on it is about as much fun as you can have. Fast action, high performance rods are great but getting back to the full flex fiberglass rod helps the caster refine the loop, slow down, and simply enjoy fly fishing is great to. Try the butter stick on all sorts of fish, they are tough, fun to fish and a blast with you have a full bend in them!

Caddis Fly Reviews of smooth slow action Redington Butter Stick Fiberglass fly rods.

The Redington Butter Stick Fiberglass fly rod is here to stay; offering a pleasing look back to the bamboo style actions some of us old timers grew up with.

Three Piece Smoothness: Yes, back to our three piece fly rod roots, a great choice for an extremely smooth casting action.

Recap of Redington Butter Stick Fiberglass fly rod components and cosmetics.

3 piece rods: a look back to our three piece roots with no ferrule in the center of the rod. Makes sense, given the slow smooth action of these rods and their relatively short length.

Redington Lifetime Warranty

*Rod action: Slow and smooth, not squishy, and especially important: accurate.

*The taper of the Redington Butter Stick Fiberglass fly rod shaft is tuned into the performance capabilities of Fiberglass and designed to deliver relaxed and precise fly placement.

*Rod shaft color: Golden butter (our terms, not from the Redington Brochure)

*Snake and tip guides: premium rod components

*Base thread trim color: redfish orange, a nice match to the blank color

*Cork handle details: finely shaped, slimly tapered, high grade cork grip

*Rod Tube details: Cordura rod tube and sock

*Reel seat details: lighter wt rods in 2 wt through 4 wt have sliding rings on cork, the 5 wt rod has wood insert and locking premium metal components.

Suggestions for Redington Butter Stick Fiberglass fly rod applications:

*262-3: 2 wt 6 ft 2 inch fly rod. The lightest of the butter Stick line, this is a super sweet rod for the smallest waters. 1.9 oz.

*360-3: 3 wt 6 ft 0 inch fly rod. The lighter and shorter of the two 3 wts offered in the Butter Stick line, another great choice for the smallest waters. 2.0 oz.

*370-3: 3 wt 7 ft 2 inch fly rod. Now we enter the realm of making accurate dry fly presentations on slightly larger waters with a three wt rod. 2.3 oz.

*466-3: 4 wt 6 ft 6 inch fly rod. I remember owning a 6 ft 6 inch Philipson fiberglass fly rod in about the mid 1960s. It was a wonderful fly rod and it was a five wt. I have my eyes on this rod and bet this Butter Sticker will bring back realtime fun like I was a teenager again. Want one.

*476-3: 4 wt 7 ft 6 inch fly rod. A lot of us remember when a fly rod in the mid seven foot range was common and we never thought of these as especially short or long. This is on the long side of the Butter Stick family, but we think this one will be one of the most popular in the line. 2.9 oz.

*580-3: 5 wt 8 ft 0 inch fly rod. The tallest of the light Butter Stick family, this 5 wt fly rod will fish dry flies and soft hackles on even the largest of rivers where one may fish modest size flies and where casting accuracy is more important than distance. 3.1 oz.

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