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Rainy's Big Game Hairy Fodder Fly Assortment


The Hairy Fodder is a fun fly to fish and super durable. It has a lifelike presentation in the water.You get 4 Hairy Fodder flies in size 1/0 in this super value assortment.

The sili-legs, rabbit fur and flash undulate in the water imitating anything from baitfish to other sliders and common prey - very versatile! The jigged serpentine swimming motion this fly has when stripped makes it irresistible to fish! This assortment is good for Bass, Pike, Musky, Peacock Bass, Stripers, Redfish, Tarpon and many other inshore species!!! It also incorporates Craig Riendeau's outstanding proprietary interchangeable weight system. It allows you to switch out the barbell weights to something heavier or lighter depending on depth and conditions. It comes with large lead barbells, but can easily be switched out. The system also keeps the barbells flexible so they don't get broken sidewise and making your fly swim wrong. This fly swims hook point up to prevent snags and can be jigged, stripped, or dead drifted. You get one (1) each of the following colors with this assortment: Black/Purple, Red/Yellow, White/Silver, and Chartreuse/Yellow. All in size 1/0 premium stainless 60-degree jig hooks.

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