Complete Euro Nymph Set-Up $269 Rod Reel Line Backing Leader Flies Included (details)
We have put together an Echo Carbon 10ft 3wt Euro Nymph Rod and Echo Reel an Airflo Euro Nymph line, a Rio Leader with tippet ring and 2 Euro Jig nymphs. All set to get you tight line nymphing the day your order arrives.

Pro Sportfisher Pro Junglecock HD


The Pro Sportfisher Pro Junglecock HD is a most attractive means of enhancing all of our our Tube Flies; the Caddis Fly Shop offers a full range of these products.

Jungle cock has long been a favorite amongst steelhead and salmon fly-tiers, but increased restrictions and importation fees have made authentic jungle cock skins difficult to find and incredibly expensive. ProTubefly Systems has developed an inexpensive and effective alternative for tyers who want the look of jungle cock without shelling out huge sums for the real deal. The JungleCock HD sheets from ProTube are true to life imitations of jungle cock nails, printed with UV reflective ink that are guaranteed to make fish do backflips over your best Atlantic Salmon or intruder patterns. Each package contains 20 imitation "nails" that are printed on both sides.

XS-17mm Small-20mm Medium-30mm

XS-60 pieces. Small-60 pieces. Medium-40 pieces.

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