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Pro Sportfisher Starter Sample Kit

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The Pro Sportfisher Sample Component Assortment helps you get started tying Tube Flies.

Please remember to purchase the Pro Tuibe Flexineedle, because the Pro Tube Tubefly System tubes do not set well on HMH or Eumer tube mandrels.

Package contents: 50 pcs. We do not know how they could count all these little pieces but trust that they are in the ballpark.

Pro Tube Starter Kit: Tubefly System Sample Component Assortment provides a excellent introduction to the world of the Pro Tube Tubefly system.

The Pro Tube Starter Kit includes a variety of the Flexitubes, Micro tubes, Flexi weight, Drop weights, the possiblilty of a Bullet weight, hook guides, metal and plastic cone heads, a propellor or two, and probably a sonic disk or two.

You will have perfect components to experiment with. Not simply the standard run of the mill salmon and steelhead flies will spring forth from this Pro Tube component assortment. Think about a Tube Wooly Bugger. Think about a Tube Clouser Deep Minnow. Think about a Tube Comet; a Tube Crazy Charlie; a Tube Coho streamer; and a Tube Bass Bug. All are possibilities with this Pro Tube Tubefly System Starter Kit.

This is why we recommend this product to even our most experienced steelhead and salmon tube fly tyers, so that they might expand their horizons in the Tube Fly world and delve into other species, seasons, and fly sizes. Go crazy with this starter kit, beginner and pro alike.

Point is, this starter kit will give you accsss to the full range of the Pro Tube Tubefly System products and allow you to do some fun tube fly experiments.

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