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Plan D Articulated Fly Box Discontinued 2017 Version

Organize your articulated flies in a killer new box by Plan D Fishing Solutions! The Articulator Fly Box holds 20 of your favorite articulated steelhead, salmon, saltwater patterns. Simply slip the eye of the hook over the stainless steel eyelet and secure the hook in the slotted foam. The Pocket Articulated hold 8 of your best articulated patterns.

Made from double hard clear plastic with compression lock easy open latch.

Pack Articulated box is 8 3/4" x 4 1/2". Holds 20 flies - Ships free to USA!

Pocket Articulated box is 5 5/8; x 3 5/8; x 1 1/8. Designed to hold 10 lengthy articulated flies in a compact box

Pocket Plus 5 5/8; x 3 5/8; x 1 1/8 and is designed to hold 20 Articulated intruder style patterns.

This durable Articulated Fly box deserves a spot in your steelhead vest, sling or boat bag!

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